Sunday, February 8, 2009

ProfitParty Update ...

"Great News, We have fixed the error with the AlertPay deposits and members can now make AlertPay deposits directly from their ProfitParty accounts.

As Always Please make sure to verify the payment accounts your paying to are correct.

Liberty Reserve: U2547291
StrictPay: 52101
PerfectMoney: U1816298

Thank you for all in attendance to the party!"

Thanks Billy for the update :)) ProfitParty


PremiumAdsClub has a solution for the recent PIN Code issue. If you did not receive their email, give me a holler and I'll send it to you. All is good :))


If you are planning to CANCEL your account in WEBPROSPERITY, I would suggest you don't wait until the last minute ... else they will charge your CC for another month. They are behind on Billing Issues (geeze, wonder why?) and the response I got from them was pure bullshit. Surely if they had time to answer my Cancellation Request, they could have just as easily Canceled my account, right?


OK, might go over to the CIF Chat for awhile and see what's going on. It's Sunday after all. I shouldn't have to work too hard. But then again, it may be slow there because it IS Sunday. Just check back another time.


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