Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've got new pictures of my grand-puppy Jake.
I just haven't downloaded them yet. Soon OK?

*Someone remind me tomorrow.
Post new pics of Jake and do a catch-up day.
I think I'm ready for that. Yes? ok cool :)


The jokers at WebProsperity refuse to take my site down. I sent them one more note saying that if my site is still active tomorrow, that I am going to change my name that shows at the top to some four letter words. You think that'll get their attention? We'll see.


is doing great! I received 3 payments from them last night and am expecting another today. (yeah, I had a few upgrades in there.) I am also planning to repurchase right after I write this note. I see the active member count has gone down a bit. Just means a couple of folks ran it once and quit. That's ok. With a little promotion and continued member support, this could last a long time. It's all up to the members, you know? Thanks to all who joined!


ESP-SP that I told you about yesterday is growing at a nice pace with new members. Of course the max. daily earnings of 10% were accomplished in no time. I plan to repurchase with it since compounding is an option. This one could get really big guys. I would get in early and get that 10% daily while it lasts. You could build it into a nice profit, even from a small start. Think about it, but don't wait too long!


PAC seems to change things every day. If you're a member, you're seeing it when you log into your account. If you're not a member yet ... here's part of it and I'll let them tell you :) It's just easier that way.

" Memberships:
From the survey it is very clear you love PAC just the way it is and we agree. So, it is official.. memberships are staying. However, we have stolen some members suggestions of making Standby a free level. Adpacks will also only be $1 each. We loved this idea and feel it does what we wanted while not causing total chaos for everyone else.

Referral Commission:
We have never been interested in referral competitions as these only help a few members but we also appreciate that those who have big downlines are the members who help us grow faster. So from tomorrow (our 3rd month birthday) we are introducing a tier system for commission. They will be the following:

Upto 20 Active Reffs 5%
Upto 35 Active Reffs 6%
Upto 50 Active Reffs 7%
Upto 65 Active Reffs 8%
Upto 80 Active Reffs 9%
81+ Active Reffs 10%

Liberty Reserve:
We shall be accepting LR again from tomorrow, February 19th.

New Staff:
Since the merger with AI we have been struggling to give the type of support we feel you members deserve. So we we will be taking on at least 4 extra support staff shortly to get us back on track. We will have live help going again soon too.

We will also be looking for members who wish to work with us on a commission bases who have expertise in the advertising area.

New Rules:
These will be added to the website along with other edits needed;

Support tickets: please wait 48 hours after sending a ticket to post, PM or resending. Sometimes people are sending 3-5 tickets on the same issue. You are just wasting yours and ours time.

Payouts: They will now be made twice a day. If you have not had your payout in 24 hours please check your PP ID as it is probably wrong and we can't pay you.

Our Birthday:
The bit you have all been waiting for I bet! lol Yes, tomorrow is PAC's 3rd month online and to celebrate this all adpacks purchased starting from now till midnight of the 19th will get a 15% bonus added to them. :D

That's all for now except.. we have a MEGA announcement to make in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Kazzy and EL "


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