Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Surfing and What?

Surf Holiday at PAC yesterday ... or is it today? Their email was a bit confusing. Here it is:

"Hi Everyone,
The security feature is now working as it should.Which means you will have to use a Pin Code only when an IP change is detected.
And once again, we sincerely apologize that it was sprung on you with out notice.
Yesterday February 3rd, has therefore been made a Surf Holiday.If you missed surfing, you have a credit now.
We are working as fast as we can on tickets and if anyone misses surfing today , please don't worry.You will be credited.
Thank you all for your co-operation.
Kazzy and EL"

So I'll just check my account later to see if anything's changed, and you should do the same. And don't forget to surf ... just in case.

Oh and Happy Anniversary! Everyone who joined me here on the 19th should have their Ad Packs expired today. Mine was and I biffed on how to withdrawal vs. buy a new Ad Pack. So my Sponsor is very happy that I was forced to repurchase. duh!


Just completed another surf day over at Surfs-Ahoy, and another of my Ad-Packs expired. So far, so good :) Tomorrow I'll be able to withdraw that one and still have 2 running. Will I reinvest it? Probably. I don't see any reason NOT to at this point. The program is growing and Derek the Admin is doing a great job .. and pays really fast too! I like that.
Requested this morning - Paid just now:
Date: February, 03 2009 12:15:17 PM
Amount Sent: $6.75 USD
Sender Name: surfs-ahoy


Got an email from the TeamPay/InsaneMatrix admin yesterday wanting all the free members to make their $5 purchase. At first I laughed, but then I realized that he's paid me $30 so far on my $5 investment (and remember, I've not been promoting this anywhere). Well shame on me for that.
So I dunno what to tell you about it. I originally thought it was insane (haha) but if it keeps spitting out money, ummm, maybe I will let it re-new. I've got about 2 more weeks to decide. You can judge for yourself. I just wanted to give you some updated history, OK?


I need help here. I've got 15 in my downline at RM but have only made $8. Sponsor? Members? Anyone know why that is? Tell me what I'm missing.

Nevermind, I think this answers my question. Found it in the FAQ's:

"All inactive members will be purged from the system the 5th of every month in order to keep the downlines clean and organized, also to be fair to the sponsors (uplines) from having their downlines filled with inactive members.
This will be a timely thing done every month to keep the system nice, neat and clean of the inactives."

And I've only been in this a few days now. Can't wait to see how February grows. Should be fun if folks take it seriously and actually pay so that they can receive their spillover also.



Myrna said...

Mornig Blondie -
How have you been? - Saw that you will have a new granddog soon !!
I have been clicking on the
Animal Rescue Site.
Still getting a few payment notices from 10dollarswonder.
Will send you a direct email also.
Take care - spring is coming - in a few months !!

blondie said...

Hey Myrna,
Where you been hiding?

Yep, little Jake will be ready to go home in about 2 weeks. Should be fun.

Glad you're clicking on the Animal Rescue Site. Having it on my blog reminds me to do it every day also.

And happy you're still earning at 10dw! All is good eh?

Chat with you more soon :))

Randy said...


I surfed today at PAC and got credit but no credit for yesterday. I asked but did not receive the pin code for yesterday so maybe the holiday is today. I guess I just missed a day.

Hope your day has been good.


blondie said...

Hey Randy,
I hope you didn't miss a day. That would be sad huh?
I am hoping whatever day you missed was the holiday.
I never had trouble so I don't know which day they were really referring to. And no update on that note either. Kinda weird huh?
Have a good night :)