Friday, February 20, 2009

BlondiePotamus's Daily News :))

I'll fill you in on the subject line later (giggle).

Since I caught up yesterday, I'll just tackle the Daily Events today :)

Did you all catch the note about Nova Surf?
I joined late in the day yesterday after a bit of investigating. I won't repeat myself so scroll down under the puppy pics and see the New New New note, OK?
Do keep an eye on the server time vs. surfing time. I noticed they're not in sync and I don't want you to lose a days surf. Cool. And I just noticed in the faq's referral comm's are paid 3 levels down. Nice!


Had another 10% day at ESP-SP yesterday. Just remember if you're going to "compound" your earnings into a new plan, do it before you surf. Check your earnings then click on Upgrade. You'll see the drop down menu where you can use your earnings to purchase a new ad pack. Also cool.
"Current ROI(Feb. 20) is now 10% with 4hours until server time changes."


Hey get this ... One of my readers is a Chiropractor and just sent me a nice long explanation of what could be wrong with my wrist and how to help it get better. How sweet was that? Thanks Dr Paul, will take your advice right away :))


Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the active referrals at Profit Party dropping daily. No matter how honest or sincere any particular Admin is ... if the numbers don't grow, or the members don't come back, there is not much else that can be done. Payments are still going out, but not as fast as in the beginning. So let's wait for another update from Billy and see what his plans are from here on. This is sad to see and I do believe that Billy will do what is fair for all of us.


K, here's the story.

This is my grand doggie daughter, Louis Potamus Morrison. Yes it's true. She is AKC registered with that name.

So yesterday when I needed to create a new Yahoo ID, I tried blondie, blondiejudy, blondies, judyblondie etc etc. Well of course they were not available, and I was pressed for time cause I needed the ID in a matter of minutes. Hurry Hurry Quick Quick ... what would be available in yahoo? .. ummm How about BlondiePotamus? Bingo it worked!

Then within minutes I was able to connect to YIM through and join our weekly conference chat in CIF. (if you don't recall, I am a Mod there) It was my first time in the chat. Austin and the other Mod's really seemed to enjoy my username. We had some good laughs over it, that's for sure! They're a great bunch of folks, you know? Oh and our membership count there is climbing pretty good. Have you registered there yet? That's where I get a lot of my info from.

So that's it. That's my short story for the day.
Hope you don't mind a little break from all the program stuff.


My FOUR LETTER WORD email worked! My WebProsperity Personal Site is GONE! YaY!!!!! TG and Good Riddance! Now I can finally put this to bed. Whew!



Art's Gifts said...

Go Blondie,

I think you have by far one of BEST BLOGS I have ever read. Keep up the good work!


blondie said...

Hey Thanks Art's Gifts,

This was the first note I saw this morning and it just made my day!

Glad you were entertained :)
Come back soon!