Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Around Much Today

I'm not going to be around much today.
Going to the airport in about an hour to pick up the kids. Then going to pick up Jake, my new grand puppy. Then dropping them all off at Jake's new home where he'll meet his new sis, Lou dog. Should be a fun day! Can't wait to see them all.


My computer is acting much better today. Wonder if it's because it's a holiday here in the US and all the government agencies are closed? hmmm


Everything is chugging along just fine as of now.

PAC is awesome and I'm anxious for my next payout there. It'll be a good one :)

Profit Party has a lot of new posts in the forums (CIF and MMG) of payments received! Party On!

I don't have time to check all the things I wanted to today. So am thinking tomorrow should be my catch-up or clean-up day. Sounds like a plan huh?

Hope you have a Happy Monday!


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HermitJim said...

Have little Granny Lady!

See ya...