Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doggie Day

Not much going on here today.
I think I'll visit Lou dog and Jake this afternoon :)

Received a ref. com. payment from Nova Surf this morning.
I am 4 days down, 10 to go in my daily surfing.

ESP-SP paid out another 10% ROI yesterday. Doing great.

Completed another ad-pack at PAC and repurchased with all of it.

Profit Party sent out an email update. Despite the lack of members and most going through the program only once ... the Admin has decided to make some changes in hopes of bringing the party back to life. There are new plans for 'Surfers' and 'HYIPers' and I just noticed the 'Surfers' plan starts at only $5 instead of $10. You can see them all when you click on "Deposit" after you log into your members area. Oh and I received a payment from him yesterday as well. So Party On :)


Isn't if funny how it only takes one negative post to bring out all the whiners in forums? I just read a few and had to shake my head. Some people ONLY post when they want to vent or complain. Why is that? Why can't these people share good as well as bad? And if they're making money, don't they realize that by complaining they're only hurting themselves and the program for future success? Duh!


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