Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm kinda sorta taking the day off :)

The Profit Party site seems to be in transition now. My old link goes to the new site but I can't log in. Tried the "activation code" that we received two days ago but it failed. Passwords don't work right now either. And the re-send p/w says my email address cannot be found. So let's just wait patiently for an update from the Admin.
PS, if you're new here, don't register right now either since there is no referrer ID showing. Thank you much!

Update: I can log in now but there is still no referrer ID when you register. Which means I could be losing referrals since I am promoting this in several places. Well, what can I say? I've sent him another support ticket and am sure he'll get it fixed as soon as he can.

Update Two: Bottom line. Your old referral link with your "name" doesn't work anymore (to promote with). You have to log in and grab your new one which will now be a number. I have a LOT of places that I have to change it in :(
That's my new one.



js said...

Wow, did not have all that trouble myself. Except that I had to get a new password. Got it in the e-mail and voial, was in.

Hope it works out for you Blondie. Maybe send in a support ticket?


blondie said...

Hey John,
I think I've had more trouble than anyone else. I sent a note to his personal email address. But I think we're on different time zones. I'll check my mail later tonight.
Thanks :)