Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Friday!

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- All three of my ESP's closed out at 10% ROI yesterday. They're off to a good start. And received payment from ESP-SP, the first one I joined. Today I will compound yesterdays earnings. Yes, I am a switch-hitter. ha!

- Nova Surf is still running smoothly and am seeing payouts in the forums. And they're having a referral contest as of yesterday for the next two weeks. You must be active to win a cash prize, and the prizes are $300, $150 and $50.

- Nothing new at PAC yet.

- Revolutionary Matrix: Paypal for payments is currently down. They are asking you to pay by Alert Pay. Well, I did pay by AP the first time, which set up their monthly subscription and is scheduled to be paid later today. In the meantime, I'm locked out of my account at RM and you probably will be too. Just so you know.
** My subs. payment just went through and I can log in now :) FYI

- TeamPay-InsaneMatrix: Well I did renew my monthly subscription there for $5 bucks, but my stats page is wrong. Told the Admin he owes me $10 even though my stats only show $6. I know it's not a big deal but I'd just like to see him do the right thing and pay me what is owed. That's all.

- Hey I got a roofer guy coming over this afternoon to give me a price on new shingles. The constant wind and last year's hail sure chewed up my roof. So I may not be around much later on. Just so you know and Happy Friday!

- Good News from MyNetWealthTeam ... just got one of the payments that I requested on Feb 2nd, that I had to re-request because they lost some data in a crash. Thanks Thomas! Always enjoy those Pay Day's!

I am not involved with Aggero Investment, but you may want to read this if you are and didn't receive the note from Roger. Sorry :(


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