Thursday, February 5, 2009

Planning a Party ... Party Is ON!

Profit Party
has Just Launched!

It's a HYIP
30%-50% Profit in 10 Days
Accepts: LR, Strictpay, Perfect Money

Three Levels of Investing
$10 - $100 pays 130% ROI
$101 - $500 pays 140% ROI
$501 - $10,000 pays 150% ROI

Referral Commissions are 3%, 4% or 5%
Each investment purchase runs for 10 days and is paid on expiry.

Go check it out ASAP.
Just launched within the last few minutes.
Thanks Guys!

PS, This is what I've been working on all morning. I'll get back to basics now.

* Heard there was a small glitch in the ref. comm's reporting ... not to worry, it will be fixed soon. (later in the day, I think it's fixed now)

** And you know you can move STP to StrictPay if needed. Plus there is a rumor going around that more pay processors will be added soon. So sit tight and watch.


OK, let's chat about Surfs-Ahoy for a minute.
I got a bad feeling about it :(
I received a couple of bucks yesterday and I didn't understand why I received it. I wrote to Derek asking what to do with it, thinking that it was a mistake or problem with the payouts. He never responded. So I visited a few forums only to read that others were waiting on payments for over 24 hours. That's not a good sign folks. Gosh I hate to say it but ... don't put any money in there. Let's wait and see what happens next. This is not looking good.


On a Personal Note: ... we got our TOOLS back !!!
All 50K+ worth of them :)) so I am a happy camper today!
(and thanks Jess for helping out with the tow truck)
Thank goodness all of my family is in the automotive business! YaY!!!!!


Another BONUS Day for PAC.
Link is here, on the right side if you're interested.

So, it's time to get buzzing again. Tomorrow, Thursday, 5th is bonus day again for new or non-upgraded members.

All you need to do is deposit $20 or more and you will get a free Standy level and the minimum adpack is reduced to $20. Please remember only depositing with a PP will trigger it.

Welcome to PAC.. what kept you? :P
Kazzy and EL"



naphtali said...

Alright a party!

Jim van Gompel said...

You have been working on what ? Signing up ? Or is it your hyip ? Who is the admin ?

blondie said...

Party on Greg!


Signing up and posting in forums. This is not my hyip. Don't know the Admin personally but have heard great things about him.