Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take One .. Take Em All

Looks like the other three ESP's were launched while I slept. I joined this one first since I have more money available in Alert Pay than in STP or LR. Here we go :)

Same deal as ESP-SP ...
but takes AlertPay only
Auto-Surf 10 sites daily to earn
Earnings are based on daily profit up to 10%
Ad Packs expire at 120% ROI
You can withdraw or compound your daily earnings
Referral Comm's are 5% for those who promote

OK, this is kind of tricky .. they said:

"ESP members DO NOT have to register an account. All you have to do is log into whichever program you want to upgrade in using your ESP log ins."

If you are already a member in the original ESP and sign up that way, your original sponsor in ESP gets you as a referral again. If you were NOT in the original ESP, I think you can register under the sponsor of your choice (wink wink). I'll need to check with my new sponsor to see if I'm under her or not.

OK back, and YES I am showing where I wanted to be. Yippee!
Here's another way to explain the above per js:

Now let me clarify further. It seems that if are not a member of the ORIGINAL, then your AP, STP, and LR sites have not been set up for you. You will need to actually REGISTER with someone, like your sponsor in one of the other ESP's."


I've decided to do one more. I need to build up my STP account. So here is ESP-STP which is the same as the others except it takes STP Only :)



naphtali said...

Yes! I've been waiting for ESP-ap to launch. Thanks Judy!

naphtali said...

Ok Blondie i signed up under your and when i click "Submit" i get an error. does it take a while to be added into the system? LMK

Manu said...

Hi Blondie,

meant to post before but things keep popping up... but better late than never.
Congratulations again on becoming yet another doggy nanna. Jake is definitly a real cutie... How lucky is he with his current lifstyle, eh? I am sure you enjoy the company of your Granddogs to the fullest. :o)

Take care,

blondie said...

I think the sites are just really busy right now. I would try again later if you don't hear back from them soon.
And no, it should be instant.

blondie said...

Hey Manu Thanks!
I sure do love them both.
Can't wait for Jake to be a little bigger. He's still smaller than their cat which makes him kind of hard to hug, you know? haha
Take care :))

Manu said...

Regarding ESP-AP,-STP and -LR...
i suppose i was 1 of the first to have read the email about the new ESP sites. So i went ahead and signed up for them without having a sponsor and on the sign up form it said that i will be placed under a sponsor. I guess i was too eager to get started...
Just letting you know in case this is useful information.


blondie said...

Good to know Manu,
I took a different approach, as you know. But I wasn't here when the email was first published either.
Thanks :)