Monday, February 2, 2009

The Value of a Handshake

What does a handshake mean to you?
I am not referring to the 'greetings / pleased to meet you' kind of handshake. I am talking about the "Deal" or "You Have My Word" handshake.

I grew up seeing my Father make deals on a handshake all the time, and I've always believed that my own handshake was as good, if not better than any kind of signed piece of paper.

When you enter into an agreement with someone and shake hands on it, that should be your commitment (or promise) to complete what was agreed upon ... or at least to give it your best shot. And if you realize that you cannot do it, then you must be man enough to admit it and take whatever consequences are in store for you.

Have those times changed?
Do folks no longer feel bound by their "gentleman's agreement"?
Must we always have everything "in writing" so that if one fails to meet their obligation, the other will have the necessary proof to take them to court over it?
How sad is that???

So what's my reason for this little 'rant' anyway?
Well, we have a situation that was done on a 'handshake'. Not only has the other person NOT lived up to his end of the bargain, he thinks he should get reimbursed in some way!!! WHAT???
That's the part that put me through the roof !!!

Here's what happened.
We sold some Tools to a friend on a 'handshake' agreement, at no interest and very small monthly payments. Now he uses those tools every day to earn a living at his JOB. But over the last two years, has only paid 1/4 to 1/2 of what he was supposed to be paying monthly. (and yes, he's even skipped months completely without explanation.)

Well, enough is enough, this obviously isn't going to work out, and he's proven he either can't afford the payments OR is just trying to "stiff" us ... so we told him that we are taking the tools back. (Yes, as in repo.)

And you know ...
If he were "renting" those tools from a rental company, he would probably be paying 10 times more per month.
If he had taken a "loan" out for those tools ... wow, big payments with interest there!
If he skipped payments on a house, he'd be evicted.
If he skipped payments on a car, it would be repossessed.

So how is this any different? It's not. If you don't pay for something you bought, it gets returned to the original owner.
Yet he had the nerve, after copping-out on his 'handshake',

Holy macaroni batman! What the hell is this world coming to?
I really thought we were dealing with a "man of his word" here ... but now it appears as though we've entered into an agreement with a crying 12 year old boy. I am so disgusted with this situation that I could just spit! You know?

Advise is welcome, but not necessary.
Am glad to have gotten that off my chest.
I've learned yet another hard 'lesson of life' in general ... and it won't happen again!

Just know that you can always trust MY handshake.
I DO still believe in them ... and their Value :))



john nelson said...

Hi Blondie, it appears that the person in question is one of those "I'm the center of the universe" people where everything revolves around them. They aren't mature enough to understand you are correct and they are wrong. You've gone the extra mile and the other person cannot see it or appreciate it. Go get some rather large friends and go as a group to recover the tools. John Nelson

blondie said...

Hey John,
Yeah, I think I'll get the Sopranos to pay him a visit, that should teach him eh? haha
Thanks for your thoughts and I'm glad you stopped by.

Mattias Kroon said...

I think that too many people of today have forgotten the "old fashioned" morality that was so obvious for many decades ago.At those times a handshake was a real and honest handshake.

And the most surprising part when it comes to these type of situations, many people don´t even react on them anymore.

Let´s shake hands here for better business online:)

blondie said...

Hi Mattias,
Yeah, seems some people forgot how to be honest and sincere ... or maybe never learned :(
It just makes me sad, you know?
Take care now, and I mean that (handshake)

Jess said...

Hi Mom,
I'll get a tow truck and go pick the tools or tool box up. You say the word, I'll go.
The problem is there are a lot of people that feel they are "owed" something by society and don't understand they have to earn things like the rest of us. I'll go get em and we can sell them on ebay.

blondie said...

Hey Thanks Kiddo!
Catching up on your reading today eh? Nice.

Well I left Ryan a voice message and told him to let me know when all the tools and tool box are together in one place so that was can come and get them towed. Have not heard from him yet. He's probably still "licking his wounds" hahaha
I'll give until tomorrow before I can him back.

Thanks for the Offer :))