Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can I Whine About Whiners?

Just the other day I talked about how complaints or rants bring out the worst in people in forums. Takes just one post to get it going and here come all the other whiners to add their two cents. Oh well, guess they think it's ok to insult someone in public they don't even know. And yes, that included me :(


We had another successful 10% day at ESP-SP yesterday! Man this thing is rockin! Can't wait for the "new" ESP's that will accept other pay processors. Count me in Steve :) Oh and I've compounded my earnings again today rather than withdraw. Does that make me a switch hitter? haha


There is a new update posted at 10DollarsWonder as of yesterday. Although he said the program is over 3 years old, I have to disagree. It launched on Dec 26, 2006. Yes I do remember the day very well. I was there along with a few of my online friends for the big launch time. And those of us that have stuck with it over the good and bad times have done quite well here :)


When you log into PAC, you will see their official "PAC is on Hold" news. Sounds good too. Can't wait to see what they come up with for our future there.


I bought 6 bagels and a tub of cream cheese yesterday for about 4 bucks. Off to munch one of those now. Mmmm


Looks like one of my upline in the Birthday Bonus Club had a birthday yesterday. So am off to pay him $5 bucks now. Happy Belated Birthday Laszlo!
And I changed my picture on the site, but it didn't change in the banner yet. Wonder why? Yes, I am actually IN the new pic. Am sure you'll recognize me :)


I think I have a stalker. Creeps me out when people drive by my house real slow and keep staring at it ... you know? Gives me the heebie jeebies. Well that's OK, my killer cats will scare them away I'm sure! If not, then I'll just have to send my Skunks after them. That should do it! hahaha



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...nice whine..err...I mean post!

Just kidding, Girl! Have a good day!

Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Specially on MMG, I ignore all that stuff now. When I first joined the Forum and opened a new thread, these two yokels where on my case..well..the thread was taken off and I was almost banned.
Can't take much of that I just do my post and look at some members who actually have a clue what they are posting about and carry on. Any hecklers I just ignore. Still like to reach through the screen and give em' a good thrashin' but gotta' stay cool. Bad for the blood


blondie said...

Hey Thanks Jim,
Always nice to see you.
Keep Smiing :)

I know what you mean about the nuts out there! It's a shame how they feel the need to attack and insult at the drop of a hat.

What really ticks me off is they make money week after week in a program. But as soon as something changes, that's when they pop into the forum and rear their ugly heads! Just ignorant and not helping any of us.

Thanks for your post.
I'll try not to take it so personally next time.

js said...

Hey Blondie, Gord,

This is one of the reasons I actually do NOT read threads in the forums out there, other than the trusty CIF one.

As soon as some folks sit down and put their fingers on the keyboard, out comes all the vileness within them.

So... I don't read, I don't respond. Am sure am being attacked out there in cyberland, but I don't know it and it does not hurt me one bit.

Oh and Blondie? The driveby? Run out the next time with either a real rifle or a fake one, they won't know and aim at them as they are driving by. Should cause a wet one in their panties.


blondie said...

Good thoughts about the forums js.

I had a sudden vision of "Granny Clampett" with her shot gun after reading that. Could work eh? haha

Later :))

Anonymous said...

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blondie said...

Well I'm glad you found me BUT you realize you're posting a comment in November to a Feb. blog post?
OK .. as long as you're aware.
Good Day to You!