Monday, February 23, 2009

In This Dog Eat Dog World ...

sometimes we just need a good long nap ...

and play time ...

and more nap time!

That's my new little sweetie pie, Jake. He's a cutie, huh?


Received another payout from ESP-SP last night, and they did reach their 10% limit again yesterday. Today I'll go back to compounding my earnings. It's a nice little set-up they got .. where you can either withdraw daily or compound. I keep switching off to see how it goes. This one is turning into my favorite surf right now :) And I just learned that MORE ESP's will be opening for those who would rather use "other" pay processors. Yep, am smiling about that. Stay tuned for more.


Nova-Surf completed it's first 14 days as of yesterday and all the payouts from opening day were sent out. I saw a lot of posts today in the forums and there were some big payouts in this one, that's for sure! I've got 9 more days to go to receive mine. Yippee!


Well Shoot :( Along with good news there always seems to be bad news. PremiumAdsClub aka PAC has closed. I know for a fact that Kazzy and EL (the Admins) did the best they could to keep things afloat. But for these programs, just like every day life, shit happens that we can't control. Reading their "good-bye" letter was quite sad. They did say, they will try to refund those not in profit.
And you know what? They did a great job here and if they ever decide to open another surf or hyip, I'm in. Why? Because they have gained my trust over the very short time I was involved. Bye-Bye PAC. I'll miss you.

OR MAYBE NOT: (Update just received 4 minutes ago:)

"Hi again,
Ok, we have been handed a possible lifeline. To put what is left of our working capital into a group that pools to earn the big bucks.
This would mean PAC goes on hold as is for 6 weeks while we earn a nice chunk of money. We have to move quickly if we do this. PAC is your baby too, let us know on the forums now please.
Post: Close or Hold.
Kazzy and EL"

So I'm off to vote now. You should too.

CIF Poll just put up. You must be registered in CIF to vote.



HermitJim said...

Hey...playtime and nap time work for me...!

Heavy on the nap time!

js said...

I'm very sad that PAC had to close down.

I don't blame Kazzy and EL, they are excellent Admin and it was beyond their control. I would join ANY programme that they may launch in future.

I have always supported PAC and did well in it. And one cannot control circumstances all of the time. Things do happen. No programme is immune to happenstance.

I congratulate and praise Kazzy and EL for having run such a good programme. It was my number one choice amongst many others.

js of 9planetreviews

blondie said...

Ahhh Jim,
I can picture you napping right along side of Jake. haha
Thanks for stopping by :)

Thanks John,
My feelings exactly about PAC.

Randy said...


Nice pictures. Man...what a life. Just playing and taking naps...I could handle that.

I was sorry to hear about PAC too. I know they did a great job of running it and it was a very good program. I am really proud that they are trying to do the right thing. That shows what class they have.

Hope your Monday has been good.


blondie said...

Hey Randy,

Yep, I could live with playing and napping too. Must be nice eh?

I do think Kazzy and EL are top notch Admins. Hope to see something good out of all of this also.

Monday's been ok.
Gonna eat my meatloaf and crash.
Hope Tues is better though.

Later :))