Friday, February 6, 2009

Color Me Dumb

Why do some Forums have to be so difficult? Tried to start a thread yesterday in another forum and got the run-a-round. Lots of red tape to go through trying to figure out the proper way to start a thread. Thought I'd PM the Mod. or the Admin. to see what I was doing wrong ... but I didn't have enough posts to PM anyone yet. What the @%*#&^*)* hahaha
Thank goodness we have CIF, eh?


Was tickled pink this morning to see that ProfitParty has added Alert Pay as a pay processor. However, AP is having technical difficulties right now so I couldn't buy through them anyway. dang. Hope it gets fixed soon. Am itching to spend (and make) some money :)
Oh and their compounding feature is pretty cool. You can spend directly from your account balance when you have funds there. Nice one!
PS, does not compound your 'daily' earnings, but if you receive enough ref. comm's., you can buy into a new plan directly from your member area. No need to withdraw first.

* Jealous folks are attacking our site. Yes it's a DDOS if you can't get in. Just come back later. The Admin is working on it, ok? Thanks


Have decided to quit WebProsperity and ask for a refund. Even though they only give you 15 days guarantee, they screwed around with my payment so long that I had to let it go beyond 15 days in order to see my spillover. hahaha
Am sure David D'Arxxxgelo, Ewxx Chia, Stoxx Evans and the other "big boys" are laughing all the way to the bank. But my one referral and -0- spillover was enough to make me cry. Should have listened to my OWN gut about this. Oh and did I mention ... don't join! Not unless you can get a lot of personal referrals! This is NOT for the passive type of marketer. Kapish?


Just for the record, anyone remember the problem with Alert Pay and not being able to do a direct transfer to bank account? Because of that, I requested a check to be mailed and I received it in 12 days. FYI :))


Don't these ladies at PAC ever get tired? haha
Here's a new promo:

"Dear Members,
Are you ready for some weekend fun?Exciting Stuff Planned!
- All AdPack Purchases (not Deposits )made tomorrow, Saturday 7th get a 10% matching bonus!
- 5 new Upgraded members and their uplines get a welcome surprise pack to be announced on Sunday .
- Forum Fun..we're looking for a really fun and exciting Valentine's Day Forum
Competition idea.If you feel bright post away on Saturday and Sunday,if we pick yours, you get paid a cool $150.
Something for everyone almost every so often, keep reading your emails!"



js said...

The real compounding feature is actually turned off. And this is good for the longevity of the programme. Of course folks can "compound" by spending right from the account balance, as you point out.

Good morning Blondie!


blondie said...

Ahhhh Yes.

And Good Morning to you js :)

Mattias Kroon said...

I never joined Web Prosperity.I had the feeling of that they were playing on the HYPE-string from the beginning.So, I followed my gutfeeling from the very beginning, hmmmm, hehe.It´s not enough for me with "only the biggest names in industry", but also honest, generous and fair owners.

blondie said...

Am glad you listened to your gut feeling Mattias. You did the right thing by not joining.

And I'm sure something better is always right around the corner ;)

Have a good weekend!