Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's Start The Day With a Smile :))

I can't respond to any emails today.

Something has crashed on my computer ...

And the Mouse is missing too!

(thanks Bill for sending that on)


Alrighty then ...

ProfitParty is changing scripts to a more secure one. If you received the email from PP to activate your account, no need to click on it. Everything will be moved as soon as he is ready and he will send out an email when it's ready to rock.
In the meantime, your original link will work just fine.
Party On!


I did activate the Security Feature in PremiumAdsClub. I think it's a good idea and I want my money to be as safe as possible. From "your account" go to "edit personal data" and change the Security PIN from disable to enable, enter your password, and that's it :)


Nobody's fault but my own ...
I wanted to cancel WebProsperity at the 15 day mark, but allowed myself to be convinced by others that spillover really would happen. It did not :( So now I am out 40 bucks and have nothing to show for it. Oh well, at least they finally DID cancel my account today. Took em a good week plus to do it though. So do be careful with them, OK? And good luck to you. I won't mention it again.

I lied. It's hours later and my site with my name on it is STILL UP. I wrote to them again and told them to "kill my site" and that I did NOT want MY name to be associated with David D'a%*f)@k(*!@r) (yeah, that guy)


BIG FAVOR ... anyone who visits me via the 10dollarswonder site link, please bookmark or write down my address. You can also reach my blog through if need be. OK?
Thanks guys and have a great night!



HermitJim said...

Hey...that looks like one of my roomies! Only mine are about 20 times bigger than that now!

Cute picture...

Mattias Kroon said...

The cat is just waiting for the mouse to jump out from the computer:)

You never know what happens those days.

blondie said...

Hi Jim,
Well your roomies actually type on the keyboard, right? Not just sleep on it. They're smart I know :)

I think maybe the cat ate the mouse and is now sleeping it off? haha

Thanks you two :))

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...


Missi .... said...

Hahahahaha That Pic is the laugh of the day for me!!!!


blondie said...

Glad you guys all got a chuckle from the crashed kitty.
Just too cute huh?
Later :)