Tuesday, January 8, 2013

100 and Counting

Today marks the 100th day of waiting for my pending withdrawal in ProfitClicking.
No way blondie! Really?
Yes, really :(
EgoPay   xxxxx@gmail.com   $250.00   2012-10-01   Pending
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this request would still be pending on this day. Crazy isn't it?

On the other hand, RicanAdFunds has been running successfully for 105 days! Now maybe I'm just lucky. Or maybe my timing was just right. But the way I see it... Richard, Russell, RAF and ismAdsIncome will easily win my heart if they keep doing what they've been doing all this time.

xGolding: got paid some RC today. Thanks Admin and members. Late tomorrow I'll be requesting my daily earning payments. So far, so good.

OK, maybe it's just my sick sense of humor but I LMAO at this commercial the other night. I mean... a giant Venus Fly Trap?
Who da thunk it?
Love the golfer who swears "I Didn't Shank It!"


Randy V said...

I've seen that commercial and its funny. I am really glad they don't have those on the golf course..but of course I always hit it down the middle...and Judy..."shank" is a dirty word!!!!

Have a great day!


blondie said...

Well you must watch "The Golf Channel" like I do, LOL

I know, never say "shank" but this guys legs sticking out of that Venus Fly Trap just cracked me up.

And of course, I know, you always hit it down the middle!!!

Cheers Randy :)

Brad Tramell said...

Hi there, hey I had a question, I thought that I read somewhere that ISMmagic would be calculating the monthly earning pool on the 8th. I still don't see it yet, so I guess it should be anytime now?

blondie said...

You are correct Brad, that's what was written. But am thinking because of their recent downtime, it may be delayed a bit.
Should see it soon :)