Monday, January 14, 2013


 I have this fly in my house that's been here since Summer or Fall.
He's avoided the fly swatter, the spider, the cats and the cold weather.
Being January and zero degrees outside, I don't have the heart to put him out.
Figure if he's lasted this long, he deserves to finish out his life.
So I've named him "Superfly". Appropriate name, don't you think?

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: new facebook post from Richard about 2 hours ago:
All purchases from the weekend have been processed and approved and all mass pay payments have been processed too :) Happy days when people get their income on a daily basis :) Thanks for all the wishes I got for a good and restful weekend - nice to have a break now and again lol :)
And he's right about that! Happy Days at RAF and ismAI.

xGolding: requested today and received today a small RC cash out. Thanks to the Admin and members of course.

ProfitClicking: just received an update titled: "The Future Looks Very Bright!"
(hang on... need to go find my shades, lol)
- improvements in the current systems
- many more income streams
(seems like it's been a year since I first heard about that. well, let's continue)
- promote, promote and promote
(can't do that, but am still reading)

Can't withdraw enough money?

Only allowed to withdraw up to $250 a day
per payment processor? Well that is
projected to change soon. How would you
like to withdraw up to $500 or even more
per day per payment processor? Well that
is our goal, folks!

Now that's a great goal but what are the chances that it will happen without some major adjustments in the system? Seriously.
Even if they did a 100% Profit Shift, (which I'm sort of expecting)... a lot of members will still have a lot of (virtual) money in their wallets. So what then?
Why raise the withdraw limit? Why not lower it?
At $50 you could pay five members instead of one.
At $25 you could pay ten members instead of one.
I'd be more than happy to see 10 posts in the forum from members receiving $25 each than one post from one member who managed to get lucky and hit the $250 bucket that day.
Well I dunno. Guess I just prefer to see a good game (program) run fair for everyone, not just those who are quick on the trigger.

So who's old enough to remember SuperFly? Anybody?


Brad Tramell said...

I sure hope they don't do a 100% profit shift, if they do I believe the program will fall, because of millions of disappointed members :( But I would be happy with a 75% or less shift and I would still be doing great :D But I guess will have to see. In your opinion, do you think a profit shift is coming up? Have been talking to many others and they seem to think it will be held off for a while because of all the new fundings for the 3% promotion,they shouldn't need a profitshift yet, only time will tell! It sucks too, I have put in over $250 totally new funds for the 3% promotion and havent received the 3% daily on not even one of them :( Kinda sad, but support says it will be resolved, and Im wondering what they are going to do to resolve it.

blondie said...

Hi Brad,
Sometimes when you expect the worst, and it doesn't happen, you're relieved. So the 100% PS qualifies for that category.
Just thinking out loud is all.

Yeah I forgot about that 3% promotion. That would be suicide if they took all the ad packs from new members for a PS.

I have no feel for when the next shift will happen. It's always a surprise to me too.

If you added fresh funds for the 3% promo... but also had a balance in your wallet... then the system took the money from your wallet for the new purchases. That's how I understood it when Doc explained it on a call. I do hope your 3% gets credited quickly for you.

Keep in touch.