Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eat More Chicken

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening

Sol-R Energy Update, 5% Bonus still going:

As promised, we at are back with a few more updates!

I'd like to start off by saying the feedback about our 5% Deposit Bonus has been nothing but great so I wanted to offer this a little bit longer. This will end sometime Tomorrow, January 26th. Sometime near the late afternoon / evening. We hope you enjoyed this offer.

Secondly, it seems some have been a little unclear if they are receiving there interest when they have compounding set. To make this easier to see we have added a new field to your main dashboard called "Total Compounded Interest". This will show you exactly how much of your interest has been compounded. We hope this makes things a bit clearer.

And lastly is a feature update.
On occasion when requesting a withdrawal the payment processer will time out or do something else funny and your withdrawal will go to pending. We periodically check these throughout the day to process any pending withdrawals.
We have now taken this a step further to make it easier for all our great members.
If your withdrawal goes pending you can go to "Withdrawals" in your member panel, and cancel your pending withdrawal. Once this is done, wait a few minutes then request your withdrawal again.
If your withdrawal still doesn't get processed instantly, as your first step please check your profile and make sure you have your correct payment processor username set. If it is incorrect please correct it then follow the steps above to cancel and re-request your withdrawal.
As a last step, fill out a support ticket and we will get to this within 24 hours.

I apologize for the long winded email but I think this should help some members greatly.
We take your support issues seriously and work hard to come up with convenient solutions so feel free to offer up you suggestions. (Although we still don't plan on offering LR and PM, so no need to ask :D ).

Many Thanks and Good Prosperity,

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team!


xGolding: all is well and calm here. Don't forget, no daily earnings or payments over the weekend.


RAF and ISM as of 5 hours ago:
Richard Cannon
All payments have been made as usual :) 
Have a great weekend everyone.

Also from a members post:


As the Admins and the rest of the staff continue to search for ways to improve the Rican experience, soon, approval of Ad Packs purchases will become automatic.

Back to me: I have 2 more days before my first spends will expire (complete) in RAF and I am prepared to replace them, or even add more. I'm not dumb and know a good thing when I see it, hehe


ProfitClicking: all of my pending withdraw requests have been cancelled and the money moved back to wallet. Except for two of them that were requested this year. Jan 4th and 5th to be exact. That's kind of odd unless they just aren't done with me yet, LOL

I see others are requesting new withdraws for the $100 limit, but I haven't decided what to do since they're obviously still working on the system.

You should be getting notified when your 'Pending' moves back to 'Wallet' with the email subject line:
Name, Your Wallet $'s are on their way!

UPDATE: my 2 pending withdraw's from January just disappeared also and the money placed back into my Wallet.
So I will now request a $100 withdraw from each Pay Processor and see what happens later. Good Luck to you all!


Those of you who have read my blog for a long time know that there is a Farm right behind my back yard. I see the Cows every day and have a tendency to count them.
This time of year, they seem to be disappearing and I can't help but wonder where they went :o


gene said...

Hello Judy Blondie Judy.

As I contemplate my move to Phuket Thailand, I am wondering if the Phuket has a bucket and if the Phuket does have a bucket does it have a hole(s) in it too?

Just wondering how far the bucket goes around the globe.

Please shed some light on this grand state of affairs.



blondie said...

Well Gene (lol)
I think the bucket does go around the globe but has a very little hole in it. Just enough to leave a drop in each country as it travels.
But that's only my take on it, hehe

Pam Mwantep said...

Happy Sunday Judy!
As soon as I heard about the modification to the withdrawal system of PC, I quickly cancelled my two withdrawals and request new ones then yesterday I cancelled the remaining two and made new ones.
I didn't wait for PC to cancel them for me with the hope that I will make the forefront of the queue. Now I have crossed my legs (or was it my arms) and hope for the best.

blondie said...

Oh good Pam,
Then you should be paid before me so we'll know it's working (hope so).
Wonder how long the wait will be? hmmm
Have a good Sunday!