Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Three Million

Holy Cow!!!
Did he say 3 million?!?

Online Days : 112 days
Total Members : 18140
Total Paid : $2 387 372.46
Users Online : 123
Purchases : $3 147 390.00

Richard Cannon
AND.........THE WINNER IS................ - alexander - his purchases took us over the $3M so he will be credited with 3 ad packs on RAF - congratulations and here' to the $4M :)

All mass pay withdrawals requests have been processed - we will be doing it earlier now as we are taking on more people to accomplish daily tasks - this will mean that as we grow, we will still be able to accomplish payments before earnings are run and continue to offer you the service that you require. RAF must bet better as it gets bigger and not less responsive :) The manual payment requests (PM) will be processed in a little while.

Russell Chapman

Good morning; to help us more effectively help YOU we ware adopting the following with regard to support tickets.
Purchases are manually approved normally within 1 working day (Mon-Sat). We do not approve purchases on Sunday. - Any support ticket regarding purchases less than 48 hours old will be deleted.

So there you have it. Straight from the horses mouth. Or is that cows mouth, hehe  Anyway I'm happy to be a part of this program and hope it lasts forever! Three Cheers for R & R !
PS, requested a cash out today which I'll probably see tomorrow.

xGolding: doing well and will be asking for a payment later today. Told you I was making today my 'pay day'.

GrandBankClub: purchased another $40 plan and requested a $54 cash out. Thanks in advance Gord.

ShowBizHits: was surprised today to receive $2 from ShowBiz. Seems I was one of the StarMan winners and I also received some free Advertising credits.

$2.00 + 150 /150 /150 ( blondie )

Thanks to Lisa and Chris, the ShowBiz Admin Ladies!

You know there are a lot of sites that offer a small RC when someone you refer uses their services. is one of them and thanks to my referrals who use them, I was able to request a $15 cash out to LR today.

EgoPay is another one that knocked my socks off:
Referrals Payout Received - System - Completed  $58.49
That was received on January 2nd and yes, was an exceptionally large payout for RC. Just wanted to show you guys that sometimes it does pay to promote.

ProfitClicking: as much as I don't like submitting support tickets unless it's an emergency... I think the time has come.
EgoPay  $250.00  2012-10-01  Pending
Now I personally haven't been trying the "buckets" lately due to 1) frustration and 2) hoping others who are still 'out of pocket' can get in. But I also think that 3-1/2 months is plenty long enough to wait patiently for this payment.

We all love Cats right?
Mine are the ones in the Self-Service area.


tony said...

Hello blondie, always appreciate your honesty in your posts everyday, been coming here since you started. Will be interesting to see what PC has to say about your pending request, over 3months wow! Mind you, i have a STP request still pending since early november, I guess early days for me, please let us know of the outcome if any, personally I have moved on to other programs, not expecting PC to recover now, just my opinion, ooroo from tony

blondie said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the nice note :)

Well at this point I still feel the need to report on PC since I've been in it so long and have a lot of friends in also. A lot of members have 'moved on' but I haven't given up hope yet.


Pam Mwantep said...

I would also like to move on to other programs. What is the point in sticking to a program that you cant withdraw.
Judy nice to see that you are doing well. Hope to join you soon. Been expecting the reply to the email I send you.

blondie said...

Hi Pam,
Hope you're doing well also.

You sent me an email?
I checked and don't see one.
Please send again to


Henry said...

My cat "Littley" a small black and white neutered tom would love to join the two on the right!!!!




blondie said...

Glad you enjoyed the pic Henry. So you can relate to it also? hehe

Yeah my 2 boys are neutered also but of course, NOT declawed. I would never do that to a Cat.