Saturday, January 5, 2013

Don't Eat Yellow Snow

Said I was gonna try to post here daily so best get my butt in gear. Hate to crap out on my own new years resolution so quickly.

Don't cheat
Don't lie
Don't steal
Teach your children well
Always wear your seat belt
Don't drink and drive
Don't eat the yellow snow
and for goodness sake,
when you learn to market online to your "list", please BLIND COPY them and not just CC. If you CC then everyone on your list now has everyone else's emails to spam to. PLUS you just lost your list that might have taken you a long time to build. So newbies, think on that.

xGolding: received my daily % as always and a small RC payment yesterday. Now remember, we don't earn during the weekend nor do we receive payouts during the weekend. Everyone deserves a little time off, even the Admin.

ProfitClicking: not much as changed since Thursday. I have received my DSP to my account which is now caught up through Jan. 3rd.

Phinanci: is coming back regardless of what others are saying in the forums.

RicanAdFunds: my winner program for the last 102 days. I say winner because I am feeling it, in my gutt and in my wallet. Bought myself 10 more Ad Units today in RAF and am feeling good.
For those of you who didn't receive their latest update, here it is and I'm more than happy to say that I'm a part of this organization, that being: RicanAdFunds, ismAdsIncome and ismMagic.

ismAdsIncome Wishes You A Happy & Prosperous New Year

Following on from the not so good end to to 2012; 2013 has started very well.

ismAdsIncome is back up and working as it should.
We appreciate all your excellent support, especially during the recent difficult period. Without your help RAF would not be the success it is and will continue to be.

ismMagic Bonus

ismMagic bomus Magic Points & Banner impressions due on purchases made while ismMagic was down will be added by 8th January.

Processor ID Approval Process

The new Processor ID approval process is not yet fully up to speed, this may cause a delay in some members being able to request withdrawals. With effect from 14th January all pending processor IDs over 7 days old will be automatically "Approved".
With regard to Processor IDs submitted on or before 6th January we will continue with our current due diligence in view of recent events and wherever possible approve them prior to the 14th January.
Please DO NOT
  • re-submit existing pending or approved processor IDs. If you do this the 7 day approval period re-starts.
  • send in support tickets regarding pending processor IDs prior where the last submission date is less than 7 days old.

Support Tickets

Please ensure any support ticket states
  • the business  ismAI,  ismMagic or RAF
  • your user name and the user name of any other member concerned such as your sponsor or referral.
Tickets not containing this information will be deleted.
Do not send in duplicate support tickets. For instance if you messaged me on facebook with a support issue do not send a support email as well. It only causes confusion.
Thank you for you co-operation it will help us improve the quality of service you receive.

Account Security & Responsibility

Please remember you must log into your account at least weekly, we recommend everyday. It is your responsibilty to ensure that processor IDs on your account are valid. Payments to invalid accounts made on or after 11th January 2013 will be your responsibility.


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