Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dang Internet

Well that was weird.
Couldn't get to any www sites a while ago. The only thing that loaded for me was gmail. Cleaned everything out, rebooted, all the usual. Didn't work until I unplugged everything for a few minutes. Now I'm back!

Sol-R Energy: paid myself again this morning using the Instant withdraw that works like a charm.

xGolding: still flawless. Will cash out later today.

RAF and ismAI: no new updates from Admins at this time.
The RAF stats are sure impressive though:
Online Days: 125 days
Total Members: 23426
Total Paid: $3 561 927.92
Users Online: 147
Purchases: $4 744 620.00

Purchases will be at the 5 million dollar mark before we know it.
Well I added fresh funds yesterday to replace my expired Ad Units. Just feels right to me :)

back in a bit... or not.

Nothing to see. Just listen.
I believe in Karma too. Tomorrow will be better!!!

One more thing... getting SPAM is bad enough. 
Getting SPAM from one of your deceased best friends is appalling!
I've tried reporting it to the ISP that it came from, but it's still coming. So WTH is wrong with the people in this world today? Just ticks me off to no end!


Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

I agree with you about the spam. It ridiculous to get mail like the ones you are getting. Some people are really jerks!

Thanks for the Beatles fix! I always like this one by John.

Have a great week! Dodging tornadoes here tonight but things have calmed down right now.


blondie said...

Thanks Randy,
Yeah... just having a bad day today and that didn't make it any better!

Knew you'd love the Beatles.

Tornadoes? Ouch!
Glad it's calming down for you.

Stay Safe!