Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mexican Sunday

I think, but not sure yet, that I'm having good Mexican food for dinner tonight. Hence the subject line cause I'm already looking forward to it.
Besides, after watching the Broncos lose last night, a Margarita might help the pain go away, lol 

Let's start with two updates from Russell of RAF / ismAdsIncome taken from their facebook page:

Change of Earnings Update Time:
ismAdsIncome will continue to run at 2pm UK time.
RicanAdfunds will now run at 3pm UK time was 1pm. This will ensure that we are able to approve purchases before the earnings are run each day.


Good morning everyone, all Processor IDs submitted up to 5th Jan are dealt with on RAF. Today I will catch up on ismAdsIncome.
Once that is done I will answer individual messages.

Back to me: ismAI has been online 150 days!
and RAF has been online 110 days! Booyah!!!

xGolding: I think the Admin changed the days we receive our daily earnings. Used to get them on Tues - Sat, but didn't receive any yesterday. So my guess would be he's paying on Mon - Fri now. It's all good :)

ProfitClicking: didn't listen to last Thursdays call but heard that Doc announced that the withdrawal system will be out of beta testing and ready in 60-90 days. (...... leaves me speechless, but I'll wait it out.)
Not sure why they don't change this 'bucket system' though. It's obviously not working for most and only creating frustration for members. I say do away with the bucket and just limit our withdrawals. Maybe to 'once per week, per member' and with a low enough amount so as not to break the bank. At least that way there would be paid posts in the forums and hopefully happy members again.

ShowBizHits: for you TE surfers out there, ShowBiz is giving an 80% Bonus on surf credits today. FYI

GrandBankClub: just got another payment from GBC. I'm on a roll with it now. LOL  Thanks Gord.

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