Thursday, January 17, 2013

My MMG Anniversary

Yesterday was my 8 Year Anniversary at the MMG forum.
Yep, 8 years ago I signed up and started learning all the tricks of the trade from the more experienced members.
These days it seems the forum is not as social as it used to be, maybe because it's gotten so big, but I have made some great friends there over the years that I am still friends with today.
Happy Anniversary to Me and MMG!

RicanAdFunds/ismAdsIncome: love to see Richard posting every morning in their facebook page. I really need to start posting his notes earlier in the day but unfortunately, was busy today with not so fun stuff.
Richard Cannon
All payments have been made - Mass Pay and Manual Pay - Have a great day everyone - look like we will be hitting the $4M very soon too :)

Thanks for the short and sweet note Richard!
Also received my two payouts overnight from ism and RAF.
Man these guys are good!

xGolding: received payments from yesterdays requests.
Thanks again to Admin and members.

ProfitClicking: received a response to my support ticket which asked them to check my account to be sure nothing was wrong with it, since my Oct 1st payout request was still pending. Also begged them not to send me a generic response. Here's their reply:
Hi, Judy.

Thank you for contacting the Profit Clicking Help Desk.

Withdrawals are the most important issue we have at this time. We are working very hard to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I'd like to explain what is actually occurring with the withdrawals, if I may.

When we first launched our withdrawal process, we had it set up so that an unlimited number of people could request a withdrawal, up to $250 per day, per payment processor. Literally thousands upon thousands of requests came into the system simultaneously. It impeded the ability for the system to process as it was intended to.

In JBP there were specific withdrawal limits and only a certain number of people could request a withdrawal each day - the same way as our Bucket is set up. If we had it to do over again, that's how we would have handled it in Profit Clicking. We didn't anticipate that being a problem. The withdrawal system, the way it was designed, filled up with a massive amount of withdrawal requests very quickly. They are in the system now, we can't and won't delete them, as that would not be fair to those members. So, we have to let them process through.

We are getting closer each day to having this resolved. Each and every day, more of them process through. To help smooth the process over, we introduced a new withdrawal system, the Bucket, so that people could still request smaller withdrawals and have those processed in about 48 hours. We are now running both the Bucket and Queue side by side and processing them simultaneously.

Please let me know if you have any further questions that I may assist you with. Thank you for being a valued member of Profit Clicking!


ld randi said...

Happy MMG Anniversary! :-)

Brad Tramell said...

Hi there again, Hey I had a quick question. I'be been loving ismadsincome, and was thinking about jumping in Ricanadfunds. Do you highly recommend this one, does it work and pay just as well as ismadsincome? Thanks

getpaid0nline said...

Wow, 8 years! Happy anniversary to you :-)

It's my first time to comment here and liked your blog. Saw the link of your blog on Joey's, and again in MMG New PTA/PTS forum.

While you're celebrating your 8 years anniversary with MMG, I just joined it few days ago, lol.

blondie said...

Thanks Randi :)

Hey Brad, yes RAF works and pays just as well as ismAI. Don't see you in my ism downline though so you might want to check with your upline also. But yes it rocks!

Hello getpaidonline, lol
Yes I saw your posts in either the ism or raf threads, can't remember now.
Welcome to MMG and Thanks for dropping by Blondies too.

Carl Johnson said...

Happy MMG Anniversary!

blondie said...

Thanks Carl :)

Yeah it's been a fun 8 years!