Friday, January 11, 2013

Orange Friday

As you can see, Denver Bronco fans are certainly getting ready for tomorrow's big game. My Bronco t-shirt is in the wash but I am wearing my orange socks today.
Goooooo Denver!

OK, so what's up?
In no particular order... 

Got Paid from Gord's GrandBankClub today!
(remember you have to purchase in order to cash out)

Requested a small payment from xGolding that should come later in the day.
- already came while I was having lunch.

Watching my earnings grow at RAF and ismAI.
Will purchase more Ad Units before I cash out again. It's really nice to feel this comfortable about these programs. I like it.

My squirrels, mice and birds are all enjoying the Hamster & Gerbil food I bought them.

And ProfitClicking is always full of surprises.
Have you seen this?

- From you Dashboard, go to My Account.
- Click on Global Representatives
- Under the Map: Give Me Details? click YES

Did you read it?
What do you think about it?
Are you one of the bucket chasers?
Do you want better odd's of catching a bucket?
And if you apply for this position (and get it), what will you tell new members who ask the tough questions that seem to be avoided on the calls and updates? hmmm?


Kuntal Debnath said...

I am a member of GBC. I purchase $40 position and get bonus. When I shall have $40 in my account and purchase another position with my account balance, then can I withdraw money for the first deposit?

Brad Tramell said...

Well I love PC, but that sounds like a bunch of crap to me :( no one should be able to "receive priority placement in the withdrawal queue" or get 4 times the current withdrawl limits, The withdrawls are shaky as it is, and for other people who are "priority" to be placed in front of you is just ridiculous lol. I don't know guess we'll see if they get this withdral thing figured out,

I am still very happy with ISM adsincome, Still going awesome :D

blondie said...

Hi Kuntal,
You cannot purchase new positions from you balance in GBC. It must be a new purchase from pay processor.
If you have questions about that, you might want to contact Gord via the support ticket in GBC. He's very nice and will answer your questions.

Brad, agree and I'm wondering how many of the PC members whining in the forums now will apply for one of those positions just to get a step ahead of others?

Also Yes! ismAI and RAF are both doing Great!!!