Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Full Moon of 2013

I like full moons. Don't you?

Sol-R Energy: added a couple of small spends today just to be able to set them to 100% compound so I can see how it works. Just for fun of course :)
My original spend is kicking out the daily earnings and yes, I am withdrawing them daily or every other day.
So I'm one full week into this and it's going great so far!
PS, I do love that Instant Withdraw button.

xGolding: no payments or earnings over the weekend so we'll chat more about them later this week.

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome:
Russell Chapman
RAF is back up :)
Check our blog to find out about the update

Thanks Russell. Didn't even know it was down, lol

Just read this but not sure if it pertains to both RAF and ismAI or just one of them:
Russell Chapman: Automatic approval of purchases via Liberty Reserve and Solid Trust Pay added.

It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all.


Will B said...

Yeah Blondie, I love full moons too. Maybe because we're both Cancer birth signs, and the moon is our ruling planet? I've just been looking at tonight's full moon over ths sea, with it's reflected silver path trailing across the water. I'd better stop here or I'll start spouting poetry! Best regards, Will.

blondie said...

Oh Will, don't stop.
I was just getting into it, LOL

Love picturing the view that you have. Unfortunately, my Moon will come up from behind some houses.
BUT when it sets, it'll be a nicer view setting behind the Mountains.

Might have to try to get another pic of it, if I'm awake early enough.

Have a great evening :)