Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jan 2nd Updates

xGolding: was feeling good this morning about xGolding so decided to add some new funds there. From the looks of it, everyone is enjoying it and making spends so I might as well join them too.
Going to request my first 'daily earning' cashout here in a bit.

ProfitClicking: site is a little sluggish right now. Maybe because the IT dept is installing a new Captcha Code into the withdrawal area and a new security check when you log in. If you can't get in now, try again later.
QUOTE (luvbug06 @ Jan 2 2013) They just announced in the conference room that the captcha code has been implemented and that the correct code must be entered to do a withdrawal.
Fine by me. I never thought that the automated withdrawal software was fair anyway. So now we're all on the same playing field.
- still pending is my Oct 1st Ego request.
- I did re-purchase more ad packs even though things are slow.
I heard yesterday that the Panel's could be worked now but I have to check into that myself. Not sure I'm going to work on mine. I might just let them cycle out by themselves. We'll see.
Also, not sure if I have any referrals that this would pertain to, but:
2013-01-02 16:47:00 CEST Member Update: Due to a system error some accounts experienced a multiple removal of $10 Test Drive money. During the course of today (January 2 2013) we are correcting the system and monies that should not have been removed will be returned. Please withhold your support tickets since the issue will be resolved before support has the opportunity to address your tickets. We apologize for any inconvenience.

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: are back in action!
Here's an update from Richard today:

I have processed a second batch of payments - so apart from LR on ISMAI we are pretty much up to date - we are checking the validity of the LR accounts on ISMAI and then will process the payments. If you have submitted a request that has not been paid yet you probably did it when I was processing the others, don't worry they will be paid very soon :) Thanks always to everyone :)
As for me, since the ismMagic site is still down, I couldn't use the e-wallet to transfer funds to make a new purchase. So I went ahead and added fresh funds to RAF today and also requested a withdrawal. Thumbs Up Admins! I'm so happy you're back!

What is your New Years resolution?
What do you think mine should be? 

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