Friday, January 25, 2013


Gonna start the day with RAF and ISM:
Richard Cannon
All mass pay payments and manual payments have been made - you just keep earning and that is what it is all about :)

Yep, truly an amazing program(s)!
RAF Stats:
Online Days: 121 days

Total Members: 21781
Total Paid: $3 150 699.68
Users Online: 158
Purchases: $4 257 690.00
I've got three more days before my first spends expire.
Am already prepared to replace them as soon as they do.
Thanks again to our fantastic Admins!

Sol-R Engergy: I believe it's the last day to get the 5% new purchase bonus. I haven't added any funds myself because I put in a nice chunk to start with. But if any of you were thinking about this, today is the last day.
"As a special thank you to all our members that sign up and deposit in our first week will receive an additional bonus of 5%.This promotion ends Friday, January 25th, 2013."
Also the site is on Pacific Time Zone and the bonus ends at Midnight.
OK, I'm off to request an Instant Withdraw now since I have the site open. And... received Instantly :)

xGolding: today marks the one month Anniversary for xGolding. Good to hear and I received payment from them today also. YaY!

ProfitClicking: am not even going to talk about them any more unless something changes. There's no point in reporting when everything stays in limbo. I mean really, how long can this Ground Hog Day last?
PS, did anybody listen to Doc's last night? Anything new?



Pam Mwantep said...

I think the best thing to do about PC is to be mute and watch them shoot themselves in the foot. Hope they are not turning the barrel to our heads anyway.

blondie said...

Yeah there's nothing we can really do. So am also just waiting and watching.
Night :)

Brad Tramell said...

Well the call with doc was pretty exciting if they just hold up to it LOL. According to Doc, Instant Daily Commission pay will be implemented in a few weeks, and I guess hopefully withdraws are supposed to be getting easier. Lets cross our fingers and pray it works out :)

blondie said...

Yeah I hope it works out too Brad.
A few weeks in PC land could mean a few months though, LOL
Thanks for the update.

Brian Heath said...

dont listen to to pc any more they are being run by ex-cons i herd thisby a inside source

blondie said...

I'm well aware of Doc and his reputation. I just don't care to post about it like others do.
Am hoping PC can turn things around but seeing is believing. So we wait.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't invest in RAF or ISM yet. I was hoping my withdrawn funds from PC which are in queue would cover that. Oh well.

blondie said...

Yeah it sucks about PC taking so long with their withdraws :(

My oldest was from Oct 1st before they changed the rules, put it back in wallet, and I have to do it all over again.

Hopefully soon you'll have some funds to work with.