Thursday, January 10, 2013

Those Dang Buckets!

xGolding: paid twice today and all looks good.
Thanks to Admin and members.

RAF and ismAI: another great idea from the Admins:
Richard Cannon
We are just putting together a live support facility on skype for people to ask their questions and get support for any issues - the support personnel will answer your questions and those that they are not able to they will direct to the right person who will respond asap. I think this will really be a great help - we will announce the group when all is in place in the next couple of days :)
Back to me...
received payments from both RAF and ismAI today.
ismMagic: received Magic Bonus of $8.84. Excellent.

ProfitClicking: OK, I need help!
Decided the only way I would ever get a "Bucket" withdrawal to go through was to teach my grand daughter the Tricks of the Trade. You Go Girl!
(ps, notice she's wearing her Bronco jersey for good luck)


mark said...

blondie...what do you really think about pc? took the test drive, then bought 3 ad packs just before the buyout of hurt a bit in last profit shift, but am earning $3 daily...have never even tried to withdraw yet and am beginning to think i may never be able to

doomcrew said...

Not exactly the start to 2013 any member of pc was looking for. A shame considering it was a monster site two years ago and then the day the restart happened just messed everything up.

Brad Tramell said...

Hi, you say you already received your ismmagic wizard bonus? I have not gotten mine yet, maybe it'll come soon.

And Mark, I would say PC is good, they are having troubles right now, but I have a feeling they'll work it out :) I have been in for a whole year now and am earning 80$ a day now, If they'll just get these withdrawl problems out of the way, things should be ok. I have gotten pretty good with the buckets, so it hasn't been much of a problem for me, but hear from a lot of members, they have a very hard time.

blondie said...

Thanks for the comments you guys. Wish I could leave comments open while I'm not here but the dumb ass bots take over and spam it.

PC is a hard call to make at this point. The more I believe things will be OK, the more I wait.

Sure wish my Oct 1st queue payment would come though. Might give me a brighter outlook on the situation.