Wednesday, January 23, 2013

23 23 23

Was js's favorite number and I still see it everywhere!
Heck it's even on my calendar today :)
Miss you John.

Sol-R Energy: wanted to share with you all an excellent response that Ken Russo received after sending some questions over to the Admin of Sol-R:

Founder Of Sol-R Responds

I have received the following response to the due diligence inquiry
message that I sent earlier today to the folks at Sol-R. See the message
in the copy of today's earlier team update which I have included below
this update.

Subject: Re: Contact Form Request

Hi Ken,

Thank you for your interest in our Company.

I am the company founder, Jonathan Krueger. I have been trading
for over 10 years and over the past 5 years have developed a special
interest in alternative energy companies. I feel this is where the future
is and should be headed.

I also have a team of traders and advisors that work along side me.

Our company Worldpro Limited is located in the United Kingdom.
Business address:
Somerset House
6070 Birmingham Business Park
Birmingham, West Midlands B377BF
A company phone number is currently in the works.

Without divulging too much of our trade secrets, our main area of
investment interests lay with Solar Stocks, these are publicly traded
companies whose businesses involve converting sunlight into energy.
These have been amazing for us, especially as of lately as they are on
a huge upward rise. There is lot's going on in the industry.

We also have interests in Solar ETF's and Mutual Funds which likewise,
have been on an upward trend and providing great returns.

I very much look forward to your support and hope we can work
alongside each other for a long time.

Thank you,
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team

Thanks to Ken for sending that out to his list.
As for me, I requested and received another instant payment today. EgoPay this time and it worked like a charm.
If any of you had an instant withdraw fail, simply contact the Admin via the Support button on the site. He's been fixing those really fast according to other members. Cool :)

xGolding: still doing well and M-F earnings continue to add up. Since I withdrew on Monday, will wait till tomorrow to w/d again. Hate bothering the Admin daily for little payments. But that's just me.

RAF and ISM:
Richard Cannon
All Mass Pay Payments have been made and all of the valid purchase requests have been approved - still makes me really happy to see people earning everyday :)
PLEASE - if your purchase is not approved yet do not message me or send in a support ticket if it has been less than 24 hours - the time I spend checking on purchases that have already been approved or have only just been made takes away from the time I can use to support real support issues - thank you for your understanding :)

Back to me: I purchased 5 more units today in RAF. I only have 5 more days to go before my first spends will expire. So yes, am trying to keep my daily level at least the same, if not better.
Thanks again to everyone that's joined so far :)

ProfitClicking: well knock my socks off !!!
Did you read their latest update yet? Here's a portion of it for your perusal:

Daily Update For January 23rd, 2013

Member Update
You have been heard! In a continued effort to ensure that your Profit Clicking experience continues to improve steadily, our Executive team has met with, and listened to some of our top earners.
Among the many suggestions offered we have decided to implement several of them at this time. We are happy to say your withdrawal requests are on their way!

With the implementation of our new strategy, withdrawal requests will be processed more efficiently. The net effect is your dollars will either be working for you or be in your pocket, but they won't be sitting in a queue for an extended period of time!

To begin implementing this strategy, we reset the Withdrawal Queue, and freed up your money by returning it to your Wallet. These available funds can continue building your financial future by utilizing Ad Packs, Panels or the soon to be released exciting Gift Card. New withdrawal requests will process up to $100/ day per Payment Processor.

Rest assured, we are working around the clock to make Profit Clicking a solid, long term and profitable experience for you and your family.

So I logged into my own account and nothing has changed in my Wallet area as of now. Wonder if this will be done all at once or maybe newer members first. I've been watching the forums and don't see any reports of the changes being implemented yet.
But just found this note posted in MMG:

I found this on Facebook today:

The new withdrawal has just been implemented.
It will take time for all accounts to be adjusted.
Keep listening to Doc's calls
and even visit the 24/7 welcome room for updates
and stayed tuned for updates on your dashboard as well.
We don't have a specific time at this time. thanks ★

Well wouldn't that be something if this works out!?!
I really don't mind one bit that my old pending's be sent back to my wallet so that I can get a fresh start along with everyone else. Way better than continuing my wait since Oct 1st, LOL

So what do you guys think?
Do you think the Queue will get clogged up again? Even though it's $100 as opposed to the $250?
Or do you think that maybe they have the right idea this time?

They really do need to build members confidence back up again and seeing daily payments of $100 posted in forums and blogs sure would be a good start.

Hey, I'll volunteer! I promise to show my first $100 payment from PC here in big bold print! Sounds good eh?

Update: I see the withdraw page has been changed:
Post-Profit Shift Funds: You have $xxxx, max you can withdraw is $100

Update again: I see that update was a waste of time to write about. Here's the latest and yes, the update has been removed from our dashboard. Crap.

Thank you for your question regarding the recent member update. This update was sent prematurely and was removed as soon as possible.
We have exciting features coming for the future. Please watch your member updates for more news!

Yes, Comments are Welcome!


Wesley said...

The PC news update is refreshing. I also don't mind my old pendings going back into my wallet if the new requests are going to be processed. I am thrilled with a $100 a day limit if it fairly spreads out the withdrawals for all members. Ready to dance as soon as I get my first withdrawal. I will also post payment proofs and will be happy to do so.

blondie said...

Well it was refreshing Wesley until they pulled it :(
Wonder what their 'real plan' will be? Dang!

Pam Mwantep said...

I think this system is cool as long as it is effective. Little amounts getting into my pockets periodically than 250 stuck for almost 4 months.
It will also allow all members to have little of their money in their pockets than for a dog to pick and runaway with the big bone.
Though everybody is entitled to his money....

doomcrew said...

I signed up in SolREnergy under you today looks promising. Im very happy to hear about PC but until the funds hit my stp account I will be skeptical still. I figuired they were done but we will see.

blondie said...

Agree with that Pam,
I'm not a greedy person but I don't feel their latest 'bucket' system was fair to everyone.
Plus sometimes a little can go a long way if you play your cards right.

Hey Doomcrew, long time no see.
Yeah SolR is getting a lot of good attention and that's what we like to see. Good Luck and Thanks.

As for PC, mad at myself for getting all happy last night for nothing, LOL
So waiting patiently again to see what our future brings.


doomcrew said...

Well you have the magic touch so Im sure we will do well with the current crop.

blondie said...

Might have some guardian angels around too. It's a possibility I suppose :)