Wednesday, January 30, 2013

White Out Conditions

I planned to go grocery shopping today, but there is snow on the ground and the wind just picked up. Looks like a flippin blizzard out there now! :o

Sol-R Energy: don't forget about their Testimonial contest and get your testimonials in for a chance to Win!
See Monday's post for the details.
Just paid myself a small RC and will request my daily earning once it shows up :)

xGolding: requested three cash outs late yesterday and received them all today. Excellent.

RAF and ISM: from their facebook page about an hour ago:
Richard Cannon
We have had a situation yesterday and today where some withdrawals got approved but were not paid - all is working fine now and all those that were not paid will be receiving a credit on their accounts before midnight UK time to be able to withdraw again - very sorry for this but no system is ever perfect - I never said we would never have issues I just said we would always work them out - thank you to all for your patience and support :)

I'll be doing my weekly cash out a little later today so the above hasn't affected me at all.
Thanks Richard for keeping us updated.

I feel good today.
Signed up 2 new members to RAF and it feels good.
Yep, I helped them get their accounts set up and they're off and running! Whoo Hooo :)

ismMagic members: don't forget it's the end of the month. In order to receive the monthly profit share, you must have a paid monthly subscription at month end. Yes You Can purchase that using your Magic Points.
After you log in, the next page will look like this:

Your Membership Details

Your current membership level is Wizard : Earned expiring on 01-30-2013. CLICK HERE to Upgrade / Extend upgrade. If you have a current Paypal or Payza subscription your upgrade will be extended automatically upon successful payment.
If you click where it says CLICK HERE, it will take you to your Upgrade page where you can Upgrade for another month.


ProfitClicking: they too seem to be having "White Out Conditions". When I try to open the site, it looks like my backyard with the snow blowing everywhere. Can't see a damn thing! :o
I'll check again later like I always do.
* Managed to get in later in the day. Checked my numbers, did my surfing and that's about it. Nothing else to do there at this point :( 

Good Night George
  Good Night Gracie


yallit said...

You can also renew your ISM Magic membership for a few months in advance provided you have enough Magic Points.

My Wizard membership actually expires on March 24th. ;)

blondie said...

Yes Yes Yallit, I did that today too.

So what I showed in my post was just to help members find the right pages.

Thanks for the info :)