Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1st, 2013

Hope you're all enjoying the New Year and
didn't have too much fun last night, LOL

xGolding: well it's after 4 PM my time which means I received my daily earning from xGolding today, from yesterday's run. Remember now, this is a business day only earning program so don't freak out when the weekends are not paid. Also looking forward to making my first withdraw of earnings. I did receive some RC last week but have been letting my own account grow a bit first.

ProfitClicking: I am at a loss for words.
As much as I want them (and us) to succeed, there is not much to get excited about right now. Not from where I sit anyway.
Still waiting on that Oct 1st pending withdrawal to EgoPay.
Really? Yeah :( 
When they were paid next day, that was great.
Then the queue's went to 10 days. OK, I can live with that.
Then the queue's went to 40-45 days. Well, better than nothing.
Now I'm sitting at 92 days and just not sure what to think.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have some good news to share.

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: had a chance to chat with Richard this morning in skype and he assures me everything is going great!
So did this script hacker cause any serious problems?
Nope. Nothing that couldn't be fixed.
So I would like to extend a personal THANK YOU to both Richard and Russell for getting us back on track as quickly as they have.
Also thanks to "makubekz" in MMG for posting the following:    
Latest update from Admin Russell on facebook.

I'm just starting the process of approving processor ID's on RAF that were submitted on or before 25th December.

Please DO NOT send in support tickets regarding these items before mid-day tomorrow, unless you are reporting an invalid or fraudulent processor ID.

If we have any reason to be suspicious the processor ID will remain "Pending" and we request further information from the applicable members.

Withdrawals will now be re-activated at 12:00 tomorrow. This will give Richard the opportunity to deal with outstanding issues on purchases and me time to go through all the "Pending" processor IDs.


ismMagic: site is down at the moment so we'll have to check that again later or tomorrow:

site was successfully fixed, 
we will back soon

Phinanci: just received the following a few minutes ago:

**Happy New Year**

We wish you all one Positive and Successful New Year!

Thank you for being with us. We certainly had some challenges during the past year. Now, we entered a new beginning and hopefully it will bring us more opportunities than challenges. With your help we can tackle any challenges that arise and thus thrive in this field.
We are still here, the world didn't end in 2012 and so is Phinanci. All the waiting due to the reset will pay off and we will continue to provide what we promote - financing our customers’ needs.
We welcome all new members who will join us during the new 2013. For our current members, you are the reason why we are here. I hope you will stay with us in 2013. Phinanci needs you the same way you need to earn income online.
Last but not least, we thank all supporters who helped and provided advice to other members. Your efforts are appreciated.
May the New Year give us more opportunities and fewer challenges.

Team Phinanci


Was watching an old movie tonight, "Empire Records". This song came on near the end and reminded me of the days when my Son would blast it every morning to wake up for school. It shook the whole house but it did wake him up! And me too!! (Can't wait till Olivia grows up and does the same to him, lol)


ld randi said...

Happy new Year Blondie!!! :-)

I've requested my first withdrawal from XGolding yesterday and got paid in about one hour. So far so good!

blondie said...

An hour! That's great!
Must have caught the Admin at his desk.
Thanks for reporting :)