Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monkey on a Keyboard

I know I haven't been here all day but I've been trying to communicate with my Insurance Agent, who is much like a monkey on a keyboard.

I bought flood insurance from him on Oct 23rd and I STILL don't have an accurate policy in my hands!

Wonder how these Agents get hired anyway? Also wonder how they manage to keep their jobs?
I'm about ready to send SuperFly over to pay him a visit.

Am going to make tomorrow my payout day in my favorite programs. So will let you know about that ... well, tomorrow.

Speaking of favorite programs, here's some helpful info from Richard and Russell of RAF and ismAI:

Latest Update: 01/15/2013 (TUE)

This update applies to ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds.

Admin Russell posted an update regarding Support Tickets. Please find below the summary of this update.

1. On Ad Packs Purchases

Purchases are manually approved normally within 1 working day (MON-SAT). There are no approval of purchases on Sundays. Any support ticket regarding purchases less than 48 hours old will be deleted.

2. On Withdrawals

Withdrawals are normally processed within 1 working day (MON-SAT). 2 working days for Perfect Money. Withdrawals are not processed on Sundays. The site clearly states processing time is 2-3 working days. Any support tickets regarding non processing of withdrawals that are less than 72 hours old will be deleted.

3. On Pending Processors

These are being updated daily now. ismAdsIncome is 1 day behind. Any support tickets with regard to Pending Processor IDs less that 9 days old, unless you are reporting an invalid ID will be deleted. (The current processor ID screens are being re-written to make process easier for you).

4. On Answering Support Tickets

We answer support tickets in the order they are received so please stop sending repeat tickets. It only overloads the system and wastes time. If you have sent a message on skype or facebook regarding a support issue please not send an email unless requested by me. If you have sent in a support ticket by email do send a request for support by skype or facebook it only confuses the resolution.

5. On Sending Support Tickets

Please ensure that all support tickets include your user name and the user name of any members applicable to that ticket. With immediate effect tickets not containing this will be replied to with message "user name(s) required".

Whilst I appreciate members saying thank you, please do not send emails saying thank you. Thank you for your anticipated co-operation in making our support more effective.

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