Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Already?

xGolding: am seeing paid posts in the forums, congrats!
Might wait till Wed myself to do another cash out request.
- also read that the Compounding % can now be changed. I didn't set any to compound so can't verify, but that's what others are saying.

Richard Cannon
We continue to suffer growing pains and all that accompanies our growth (good and bad) but we are decided to continue to improve servers, protection and the programs themselves - there will be changes coming very soon so that we can avoid the down time we have had recently - I for one do not and will not accept this downtime so changes have to be made so that we can give you the best programs possible - thank you for your support :)

And I received a payment today from ismAI.
Thanks Richard :)

ProfitClicking: is NOT giving away prizes so don't click on the LR link if you received the phishing SPAM with the subject line:
ProfitClicking - Your prize is 250 usd !

Also they're working on the site right now so if you can't log in or your information is zero'd out, just try again later.

Have any of you sponsor's noticed PC has revised the subject line of our RC notifications:
You have received $4 from your Referral's Referral x. name purchasing Ad Package(s)!
Makes it easier to count RC now when comparing it to your Ad Pack earnings. It's a nice upgrade and makes me even more anxious for the rest of the program to 'get moving'.

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