Friday, January 18, 2013

Like Talkin to a Wall

Still trying to get some paperwork from my monkey insurance agent. It's like talking to a wall. I swear if he doesn't send me what I need today, he's getting a spanking, and hard!

xGolding: requested and received a lightning fast payment!

RAF/ismAI: from Richard approx 6 hours ago:
Richard Cannon
All of today's Mass Pay have been processed - currently approving purchases - have a great day everyone (or evening) - as for us in the UK we are covered in snow :)

Speaking of talking to a wall... did you see my ProfitClicking response posted yesterday? And as of today, nothing has changed with regards to my pending payments.


Brad Tramell said...

Hi there once again, :) I had another question, in the ismadsincome program, do you know if its ok to sign a referral up and run their account just like pc as long as they have their own email, pay processor, and everything, or will they ban me, cause I have somebody who wants to sign up, but don't have a computer, but have their own pay processor, and email, I just don't want to get them going from my computer if it will get me banned! Thanks so much, you have been very helpful in my quests ;)

blondie said...

That sounds like something you should contact Richard or Russell about. I'm not exactly sure what's allowed and what's not. So you'd be better off sending in a ticket about it so that you have your answer from the right person or persons.

Brad Tramell said...

Ok thank you very much, and just thought I'd ask cause you are very smart in these areas :)