Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Easy Button

Been a long time since I been in a program that had Instant Payments and I'm enjoying it for several reasons.
1) payments are sent immediately.
2) reduces your risk.
3) don't have to pester the Admin daily.
So yes, I have been having fun at
Sol-R Energy.
Today I cashed out two days of daily earnings and was, of course, paid instantly :)

xGolding: was paid early today from three requests submitted last night. Thanks Admin!

RAF and ISM:
Richard Cannon
All payments both mass pay and manual (PM) have been processed for today - purchase approvals will continue throughout the day as will the follow up on support tickets and messages. I love this business and seeing people earn everyday is just great :) Have a wonderful day or rest of the day everyone :)

I love this business too Richard!
Thanks to you and Russell for making it so profitable for us!
PS, only 6 days to go for my first spends to expire. Can't believe it's been 119 days already. Well, I guess time flies when you're having fun, LOL


Pam Mwantep said...

How I wish to have a good time and enjoy this kind of business and to watch the time fly while earning dollars.

gene said...

Looks like all our pending wds will be canceled in PC. What do you think of the news Judy?

New $100 wd. I guess if they actually pay that quickly it will be a bonus.



blondie said...

Pam, I'll get back to you in email.

Gene, your note got to me before the PC email did. I had to go check the dashboard to find it, lol

Well, I was hoping they'd do something to fix things. Actually, if this works out, could be like a new fresh start, eh?

PS, my Wallet area hasn't changed yet. Has yours?

gene said...

I hope it works, Judy. No changes yet in my back office. But I am sure it will be done as they say.

blondie said...

Hope so Gene.
Could be fun and profitable once again! WhooHoo :)