Thursday, January 31, 2013


Still windy here today so I put off grocery shopping for one more day. Yeah, I'm a wimp but at least I admit it, lol

RAF and ISM:
This was posted yesterday at the ismMagic Social Wall:
Russell ISMmagic


We are in the process of preparing "Rican Travel" for launch.

We will be looking for local Country agents, excellent commissions paid.

You must be

1. Resident in the applicable country,
2. Fluent in the local language both spoken and written,
3. Fluent in English (British version) both spoken and written,
4. Self motivated and enthusiastic. this is not a money for nothing position. :)

Please apply by sending a private message to

OK, back to me.
Nice to hear they're getting into something new and profitable. Gives me even more confidence in their long term plans.
AND... I did receive payments today from both RAF and ISM.
Thanks Admins ;)

Oh one more thing, RicanAdFunds stats:
Online Days: 128 days
Total Members: 24386
Total Paid: $3 789 176.93
Users Online: 132
Purchases: $5 105 460.00

Sol-R Energy: here's their newest update:

We hope all is well with everyone and everything is going smooth for all.

I just want to give a quick update today on the launch of our Facebook Page and Skype Room.
We want you to be able to get in touch with us as easily as possible so we feel this will be a great addition to our support.

You can visit our facebook page from the icon on our site or from the following link:

To join out Skype Room click on the green "Chat With Me" icon in the right side bar of the website.

If you have any issues accessing these feel free to email us from our contact form.

Lastly, we just want to remind you there are still a few days left to get in on our testimonial contest. Here are the details for that again.

You can visit the following link to submit a testimonial to us.
Please note, In order for this to be successfully submitted you need to supply your correct username.
Upon approval these testimonials will be added to our site in the testimonials section.
On February 4th, 2013 we will randomly select 5 winners to receive a bonus to there account.
The grand prize winner will receive a $250 bonus to there account while the remaining 4 winners will receive $50 bonus's to there accounts.

You can feel free to add your feedback to our forum threads as well, and anywhere else you'd like. These won't apply to the contest, but are always welcomed!
Here are the thread links:

Thanks again to all our amazing members,
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team

This Admin is doing great so far. Regular updates, contests, bonuses and my favorite, the Instant Withdraw Button. What more could you ask for?

xGolding: seems we have a quiet Admin for this one but that's OK. Daily earnings continue (business days only) and payouts are always sent quickly. No complaints from me :)

Has anybody noticed?
I'm keeping up with my New Years Resolution so far.
Today is Jan 31st and I have 31 posts in my blog for January.
Can I continue? I dunno. Time will tell.

ProfitClicking: I can't swear to this but I believe our new and improved withdraw requests through the Queue will take at least 40 days to be paid. Perhaps much longer according to Doc's last call.

Don't Shoot Me. I'm just the (guessing) messenger.

Oh and what's this "Gift Card" thing all about? Have you seen it in your Wallet area? Can I make a guess?
I would say rather than withdrawing our earnings that we will be able to send money to another member via the Gift Card. Sort of like an in-house PIF (pay it forward) system.
But then again, if that is what it is, then there's no new money coming into PC so maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.
Well, I'm sure we'll get some word on that soon. I was just thinking out loud.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

White Out Conditions

I planned to go grocery shopping today, but there is snow on the ground and the wind just picked up. Looks like a flippin blizzard out there now! :o

Sol-R Energy: don't forget about their Testimonial contest and get your testimonials in for a chance to Win!
See Monday's post for the details.
Just paid myself a small RC and will request my daily earning once it shows up :)

xGolding: requested three cash outs late yesterday and received them all today. Excellent.

RAF and ISM: from their facebook page about an hour ago:
Richard Cannon
We have had a situation yesterday and today where some withdrawals got approved but were not paid - all is working fine now and all those that were not paid will be receiving a credit on their accounts before midnight UK time to be able to withdraw again - very sorry for this but no system is ever perfect - I never said we would never have issues I just said we would always work them out - thank you to all for your patience and support :)

I'll be doing my weekly cash out a little later today so the above hasn't affected me at all.
Thanks Richard for keeping us updated.

I feel good today.
Signed up 2 new members to RAF and it feels good.
Yep, I helped them get their accounts set up and they're off and running! Whoo Hooo :)

ismMagic members: don't forget it's the end of the month. In order to receive the monthly profit share, you must have a paid monthly subscription at month end. Yes You Can purchase that using your Magic Points.
After you log in, the next page will look like this:

Your Membership Details

Your current membership level is Wizard : Earned expiring on 01-30-2013. CLICK HERE to Upgrade / Extend upgrade. If you have a current Paypal or Payza subscription your upgrade will be extended automatically upon successful payment.
If you click where it says CLICK HERE, it will take you to your Upgrade page where you can Upgrade for another month.


ProfitClicking: they too seem to be having "White Out Conditions". When I try to open the site, it looks like my backyard with the snow blowing everywhere. Can't see a damn thing! :o
I'll check again later like I always do.
* Managed to get in later in the day. Checked my numbers, did my surfing and that's about it. Nothing else to do there at this point :( 

Good Night George
  Good Night Gracie

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dang Internet

Well that was weird.
Couldn't get to any www sites a while ago. The only thing that loaded for me was gmail. Cleaned everything out, rebooted, all the usual. Didn't work until I unplugged everything for a few minutes. Now I'm back!

Sol-R Energy: paid myself again this morning using the Instant withdraw that works like a charm.

xGolding: still flawless. Will cash out later today.

RAF and ismAI: no new updates from Admins at this time.
The RAF stats are sure impressive though:
Online Days: 125 days
Total Members: 23426
Total Paid: $3 561 927.92
Users Online: 147
Purchases: $4 744 620.00

Purchases will be at the 5 million dollar mark before we know it.
Well I added fresh funds yesterday to replace my expired Ad Units. Just feels right to me :)

back in a bit... or not.

Nothing to see. Just listen.
I believe in Karma too. Tomorrow will be better!!!

One more thing... getting SPAM is bad enough. 
Getting SPAM from one of your deceased best friends is appalling!
I've tried reporting it to the ISP that it came from, but it's still coming. So WTH is wrong with the people in this world today? Just ticks me off to no end!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Already?

The usual excellent customer service from the Admins at
RAF and ismAdsIncome:

Richard Cannon
All Mass Pay payments have been made for LR and STP.
PM manual payments are about to be made.
**Due to an issue we are currently trying to resolve with EP we have cancelled all pending EP withdrawal requests so that you can withdraw to another processor in the mean time - we are sorry for this and hope to get it resolved very soon.
This will all be explained on the blog. :)

Here's the link to it again for your convenience:

Today being day 125 in RAF, my first Ad Units did complete. So I went in and replaced them with brand new ones :)
Yes they have LR and STP purchases on Auto now so it was nice to see them show up immediately in my member area.

For those of you who don't visit Forums, thought I'd share with you what others (gummibearu in this case) are saying about RAF:

The first cycle of 125 days has just been crossed! Hopefully the first of many milestones.

I made a new deposit and purchased 68 new ad packages

Thank you Russell and Richard for running such an awesome program
RAF has had minimal drama and zero bullshit since it launched for than 4 months ago
I've gotta say it's been a long time since I've been in a program like this


Sol-R Energy: just requested and received another payment instantly! That would be for day 8 out of 90. Only 82 left :)

Received just a little while ago:

SOL-R Newsletter - Testimonial Contest

Hello blondie,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying that Instant Withdrawal button! :)

I see some people are a little saddened by the deposit bonus being taken away. Unfortunately, I couldn't run that promo forever.
However, I want to start a contest today to get some feedback from all our wonderful members.

Starting today you can visit the following link to submit a testimonial to us.
Please note, In order for this to be successfully submitted you need to supply your correct username.
Upon approval these testimonials will be added to our site in the testimonials section.
On February 4th, 2013 we will randomly select 5 winners to receive a bonus to there account.
The grand prize winner will receive a $250 bonus to there account while the remaining 4 winners will receive $50 bonus's to there accounts.

You can feel free to add your feedback to our forum threads as well, and anywhere else you'd like. These won't apply to the contest, but are always welcomed!
Here are the thread links:

Thanks everyone for your continued support!
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Staff


Will be watching "The Bachelor" on TV in a couple of hours.
Can't wait to see what that little Pit Bull from Denver is up to tonight!

'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison teases tonight's Tierrable episode (and more ambulances to come!)

now that's good!)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Full Moon of 2013

I like full moons. Don't you?

Sol-R Energy: added a couple of small spends today just to be able to set them to 100% compound so I can see how it works. Just for fun of course :)
My original spend is kicking out the daily earnings and yes, I am withdrawing them daily or every other day.
So I'm one full week into this and it's going great so far!
PS, I do love that Instant Withdraw button.

xGolding: no payments or earnings over the weekend so we'll chat more about them later this week.

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome:
Russell Chapman
RAF is back up :)
Check our blog to find out about the update

Thanks Russell. Didn't even know it was down, lol

Just read this but not sure if it pertains to both RAF and ismAI or just one of them:
Russell Chapman: Automatic approval of purchases via Liberty Reserve and Solid Trust Pay added.

It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eat More Chicken

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening

Sol-R Energy Update, 5% Bonus still going:

As promised, we at are back with a few more updates!

I'd like to start off by saying the feedback about our 5% Deposit Bonus has been nothing but great so I wanted to offer this a little bit longer. This will end sometime Tomorrow, January 26th. Sometime near the late afternoon / evening. We hope you enjoyed this offer.

Secondly, it seems some have been a little unclear if they are receiving there interest when they have compounding set. To make this easier to see we have added a new field to your main dashboard called "Total Compounded Interest". This will show you exactly how much of your interest has been compounded. We hope this makes things a bit clearer.

And lastly is a feature update.
On occasion when requesting a withdrawal the payment processer will time out or do something else funny and your withdrawal will go to pending. We periodically check these throughout the day to process any pending withdrawals.
We have now taken this a step further to make it easier for all our great members.
If your withdrawal goes pending you can go to "Withdrawals" in your member panel, and cancel your pending withdrawal. Once this is done, wait a few minutes then request your withdrawal again.
If your withdrawal still doesn't get processed instantly, as your first step please check your profile and make sure you have your correct payment processor username set. If it is incorrect please correct it then follow the steps above to cancel and re-request your withdrawal.
As a last step, fill out a support ticket and we will get to this within 24 hours.

I apologize for the long winded email but I think this should help some members greatly.
We take your support issues seriously and work hard to come up with convenient solutions so feel free to offer up you suggestions. (Although we still don't plan on offering LR and PM, so no need to ask :D ).

Many Thanks and Good Prosperity,

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team!


xGolding: all is well and calm here. Don't forget, no daily earnings or payments over the weekend.


RAF and ISM as of 5 hours ago:
Richard Cannon
All payments have been made as usual :) 
Have a great weekend everyone.

Also from a members post:


As the Admins and the rest of the staff continue to search for ways to improve the Rican experience, soon, approval of Ad Packs purchases will become automatic.

Back to me: I have 2 more days before my first spends will expire (complete) in RAF and I am prepared to replace them, or even add more. I'm not dumb and know a good thing when I see it, hehe


ProfitClicking: all of my pending withdraw requests have been cancelled and the money moved back to wallet. Except for two of them that were requested this year. Jan 4th and 5th to be exact. That's kind of odd unless they just aren't done with me yet, LOL

I see others are requesting new withdraws for the $100 limit, but I haven't decided what to do since they're obviously still working on the system.

You should be getting notified when your 'Pending' moves back to 'Wallet' with the email subject line:
Name, Your Wallet $'s are on their way!

UPDATE: my 2 pending withdraw's from January just disappeared also and the money placed back into my Wallet.
So I will now request a $100 withdraw from each Pay Processor and see what happens later. Good Luck to you all!


Those of you who have read my blog for a long time know that there is a Farm right behind my back yard. I see the Cows every day and have a tendency to count them.
This time of year, they seem to be disappearing and I can't help but wonder where they went :o

Friday, January 25, 2013


Gonna start the day with RAF and ISM:
Richard Cannon
All mass pay payments and manual payments have been made - you just keep earning and that is what it is all about :)

Yep, truly an amazing program(s)!
RAF Stats:
Online Days: 121 days

Total Members: 21781
Total Paid: $3 150 699.68
Users Online: 158
Purchases: $4 257 690.00
I've got three more days before my first spends expire.
Am already prepared to replace them as soon as they do.
Thanks again to our fantastic Admins!

Sol-R Engergy: I believe it's the last day to get the 5% new purchase bonus. I haven't added any funds myself because I put in a nice chunk to start with. But if any of you were thinking about this, today is the last day.
"As a special thank you to all our members that sign up and deposit in our first week will receive an additional bonus of 5%.This promotion ends Friday, January 25th, 2013."
Also the site is on Pacific Time Zone and the bonus ends at Midnight.
OK, I'm off to request an Instant Withdraw now since I have the site open. And... received Instantly :)

xGolding: today marks the one month Anniversary for xGolding. Good to hear and I received payment from them today also. YaY!

ProfitClicking: am not even going to talk about them any more unless something changes. There's no point in reporting when everything stays in limbo. I mean really, how long can this Ground Hog Day last?
PS, did anybody listen to Doc's last night? Anything new?


Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Exciting Subject Line Today

Had a busy morning away from home, but I'm back now so guess I should update. I'll take it from the top: 

Sol-R Energy: not one problem for me so far. Every payment request has gone through instantly, YaY! However if your instant pmt got hung up, a simple Support Ticket will do the trick.
Here's the latest from the Admin:

We have had an amazing response to the launch of and for that we want to sincerely thank everyone.

We want you to know that we are continuously working hard to make sure each and every member has a great experience with us. We will providing you with regular updates and as we progress we will be adding new features to the site.

Today we have setup a calculator on the site so you can make your decisions on where to deposit easier.

You can find this calculator located here:

We hope you enjoy!
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Staff

xGolding: running smooth as a babies behind. Will be requesting a payment later on today which I'm sure will be received tomorrow.

RAF and ISM: I gotta think about this post for a minute.
For some reason I feel much closer to these two programs and these Admins than any other.
Without going into detail, I heard something today that totally warmed my heart and I'm not one to get all mushy over just anything. As a matter of fact, most things I don't believe and just roll my eyes at. But today was different and gave me more confidence in these programs than ever before.
Thanks Richard and Russell for all you do! and I mean that!

Here's the latest updates from facebook (although several hours old now):
Richard Cannon
All Mass Pay Payments have been made and all purchases are now being approved - have a great day everyone - this will be a $4M day and as usual a gift for the member whose purchase takes us over the mark :)

Due to a glitch in the manual payments, all pending PM withdrawal requests have been cancelled. Please resubmit your withdrawal request and we will pay them tomorrow as our programmers are now working on it. We are also working towards Mass Pay for PM so that we can run that everyday like the others :) Again thank you for your patience :)

Back to me: did I mention I received two payments from RAF and ISM today? No? Well I did ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

23 23 23

Was js's favorite number and I still see it everywhere!
Heck it's even on my calendar today :)
Miss you John.

Sol-R Energy: wanted to share with you all an excellent response that Ken Russo received after sending some questions over to the Admin of Sol-R:

Founder Of Sol-R Responds

I have received the following response to the due diligence inquiry
message that I sent earlier today to the folks at Sol-R. See the message
in the copy of today's earlier team update which I have included below
this update.

Subject: Re: Contact Form Request

Hi Ken,

Thank you for your interest in our Company.

I am the company founder, Jonathan Krueger. I have been trading
for over 10 years and over the past 5 years have developed a special
interest in alternative energy companies. I feel this is where the future
is and should be headed.

I also have a team of traders and advisors that work along side me.

Our company Worldpro Limited is located in the United Kingdom.
Business address:
Somerset House
6070 Birmingham Business Park
Birmingham, West Midlands B377BF
A company phone number is currently in the works.

Without divulging too much of our trade secrets, our main area of
investment interests lay with Solar Stocks, these are publicly traded
companies whose businesses involve converting sunlight into energy.
These have been amazing for us, especially as of lately as they are on
a huge upward rise. There is lot's going on in the industry.

We also have interests in Solar ETF's and Mutual Funds which likewise,
have been on an upward trend and providing great returns.

I very much look forward to your support and hope we can work
alongside each other for a long time.

Thank you,
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team

Thanks to Ken for sending that out to his list.
As for me, I requested and received another instant payment today. EgoPay this time and it worked like a charm.
If any of you had an instant withdraw fail, simply contact the Admin via the Support button on the site. He's been fixing those really fast according to other members. Cool :)

xGolding: still doing well and M-F earnings continue to add up. Since I withdrew on Monday, will wait till tomorrow to w/d again. Hate bothering the Admin daily for little payments. But that's just me.

RAF and ISM:
Richard Cannon
All Mass Pay Payments have been made and all of the valid purchase requests have been approved - still makes me really happy to see people earning everyday :)
PLEASE - if your purchase is not approved yet do not message me or send in a support ticket if it has been less than 24 hours - the time I spend checking on purchases that have already been approved or have only just been made takes away from the time I can use to support real support issues - thank you for your understanding :)

Back to me: I purchased 5 more units today in RAF. I only have 5 more days to go before my first spends will expire. So yes, am trying to keep my daily level at least the same, if not better.
Thanks again to everyone that's joined so far :)

ProfitClicking: well knock my socks off !!!
Did you read their latest update yet? Here's a portion of it for your perusal:

Daily Update For January 23rd, 2013

Member Update
You have been heard! In a continued effort to ensure that your Profit Clicking experience continues to improve steadily, our Executive team has met with, and listened to some of our top earners.
Among the many suggestions offered we have decided to implement several of them at this time. We are happy to say your withdrawal requests are on their way!

With the implementation of our new strategy, withdrawal requests will be processed more efficiently. The net effect is your dollars will either be working for you or be in your pocket, but they won't be sitting in a queue for an extended period of time!

To begin implementing this strategy, we reset the Withdrawal Queue, and freed up your money by returning it to your Wallet. These available funds can continue building your financial future by utilizing Ad Packs, Panels or the soon to be released exciting Gift Card. New withdrawal requests will process up to $100/ day per Payment Processor.

Rest assured, we are working around the clock to make Profit Clicking a solid, long term and profitable experience for you and your family.

So I logged into my own account and nothing has changed in my Wallet area as of now. Wonder if this will be done all at once or maybe newer members first. I've been watching the forums and don't see any reports of the changes being implemented yet.
But just found this note posted in MMG:

I found this on Facebook today:

The new withdrawal has just been implemented.
It will take time for all accounts to be adjusted.
Keep listening to Doc's calls
and even visit the 24/7 welcome room for updates
and stayed tuned for updates on your dashboard as well.
We don't have a specific time at this time. thanks ★

Well wouldn't that be something if this works out!?!
I really don't mind one bit that my old pending's be sent back to my wallet so that I can get a fresh start along with everyone else. Way better than continuing my wait since Oct 1st, LOL

So what do you guys think?
Do you think the Queue will get clogged up again? Even though it's $100 as opposed to the $250?
Or do you think that maybe they have the right idea this time?

They really do need to build members confidence back up again and seeing daily payments of $100 posted in forums and blogs sure would be a good start.

Hey, I'll volunteer! I promise to show my first $100 payment from PC here in big bold print! Sounds good eh?

Update: I see the withdraw page has been changed:
Post-Profit Shift Funds: You have $xxxx, max you can withdraw is $100

Update again: I see that update was a waste of time to write about. Here's the latest and yes, the update has been removed from our dashboard. Crap.

Thank you for your question regarding the recent member update. This update was sent prematurely and was removed as soon as possible.
We have exciting features coming for the future. Please watch your member updates for more news!

Yes, Comments are Welcome!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Easy Button

Been a long time since I been in a program that had Instant Payments and I'm enjoying it for several reasons.
1) payments are sent immediately.
2) reduces your risk.
3) don't have to pester the Admin daily.
So yes, I have been having fun at
Sol-R Energy.
Today I cashed out two days of daily earnings and was, of course, paid instantly :)

xGolding: was paid early today from three requests submitted last night. Thanks Admin!

RAF and ISM:
Richard Cannon
All payments both mass pay and manual (PM) have been processed for today - purchase approvals will continue throughout the day as will the follow up on support tickets and messages. I love this business and seeing people earn everyday is just great :) Have a wonderful day or rest of the day everyone :)

I love this business too Richard!
Thanks to you and Russell for making it so profitable for us!
PS, only 6 days to go for my first spends to expire. Can't believe it's been 119 days already. Well, I guess time flies when you're having fun, LOL

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Dave !!

First, if you're here due to today's ALERT, the new program announcement is in yesterday's post. Scroll down a bit and you'll see it.

Second, (and even more important) today is my Son's Birthday. Unfortunately he is out of town on business but we did get to have lunch on Saturday which was great, and I finally got my Mexican food fix, LOL

Love you lots!

Sol-R Energy: got off to a great start yesterday and still kickin butt today. Thanks to all who joined! And for your information, the Instant Withdraw button does work! 

xGolding: is paying daily earnings today even though it's a Holiday here in the U.S. Thanks Admin.

RAF and ismAI: updated just a few minutes ago:
Richard Cannon
Hello Everyone - I apologise for the lateness of the purchase approvals today - We held a Board Meeting of RicanBV today in order to develop more exciting possibilities for everyone - I will catch up on all outstanding work tomorrow. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support

Did he say "more exciting"? Wow!
Can't wait to hear what that might be.

ProfitClicking: nothing exciting to report. I sure do miss the old JBP days. Sure there were problems and delays but once they were fixed, we were back in business. Here... not so much. Wonder what's taking so long anyway?


Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Program Announcement

Just added a new program to my sidebar called
You can join now or wait for me to write it up, LOL
Just kidding.
Give me a few minutes to get my act together.

OK back, but will probably be tweaking my note like I always do.

- Officially Launched Today
- 3 Plans to choose from - pays 2.2% 2.5% & 2.7% daily
- Minimum Deposit depends on which plan you choose -
$10, $1,500 or $10,000
- All 3 Plans are 90 Day Terms
- Pays 7 Days a Week
- Only accepts STP and EgoPay (that's smart)
- Compounding is available
- Principal is returned on all 3 plans at end of term
- DDoS Protected, SSL Encryption, Instant Withdrawals
- Minimum Withdrawal is $0.50 STP and $1.00 for EgoPay
- Referral Commission is 5% on your 1st level
And last but not least, read this:

Latest Announcment
We are very pleased to announce the launch of Worldpro Limiteds online operations at! As a special thank you to all our members that sign up and deposit in our first week will receive an additional bonus of 5%. This promotion ends Friday, January 25th, 2013....

Yes I joined and made my first deposit just a few minutes ago. Now although I can't always share everything I learn about programs or Admins, I learned enough about this one to feel comfortable joining it and sharing it with you.

And as always, treat this as a game, don't spend money you can't afford to lose, promote responsibly, cash out regularly, and enjoy your daily earnings :)

xGolding: it's the weekend so no daily earnings until tomorrow.

RAF and ismAI: WARNING from Richard:


Damn crooks make me sick.
Also remember no payments are sent on Sundays. Everyone needs a little rest now and then.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Updates

Just a couple of quick notes this morning for RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome:

Richard Cannon
IMPORTANT NOTICE : It has come to our attention that many are submitting new PP accounts and their accounts are getting suspended - these will all be unsuspended very soon - it is a glitch in the program which has been changed and Russell is working on reactivating the accounts right now. PLEASE DON'T SEND IN SUPPORT TICKETS :)

All of today's payments have been processed - it is great to see so many people earning. I am not sue that many people will become rich with Rican because richness is truly a state of mind and not a state of bank account - but I am sure that many people will be able to use their earnings to be able to fund what they really want to do - in the long run, good will always prevail :)

Going out to have lunch with the family.
Will be back later to post more if there's any news.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Like Talkin to a Wall

Still trying to get some paperwork from my monkey insurance agent. It's like talking to a wall. I swear if he doesn't send me what I need today, he's getting a spanking, and hard!

xGolding: requested and received a lightning fast payment!

RAF/ismAI: from Richard approx 6 hours ago:
Richard Cannon
All of today's Mass Pay have been processed - currently approving purchases - have a great day everyone (or evening) - as for us in the UK we are covered in snow :)

Speaking of talking to a wall... did you see my ProfitClicking response posted yesterday? And as of today, nothing has changed with regards to my pending payments.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My MMG Anniversary

Yesterday was my 8 Year Anniversary at the MMG forum.
Yep, 8 years ago I signed up and started learning all the tricks of the trade from the more experienced members.
These days it seems the forum is not as social as it used to be, maybe because it's gotten so big, but I have made some great friends there over the years that I am still friends with today.
Happy Anniversary to Me and MMG!

RicanAdFunds/ismAdsIncome: love to see Richard posting every morning in their facebook page. I really need to start posting his notes earlier in the day but unfortunately, was busy today with not so fun stuff.
Richard Cannon
All payments have been made - Mass Pay and Manual Pay - Have a great day everyone - look like we will be hitting the $4M very soon too :)

Thanks for the short and sweet note Richard!
Also received my two payouts overnight from ism and RAF.
Man these guys are good!

xGolding: received payments from yesterdays requests.
Thanks again to Admin and members.

ProfitClicking: received a response to my support ticket which asked them to check my account to be sure nothing was wrong with it, since my Oct 1st payout request was still pending. Also begged them not to send me a generic response. Here's their reply:
Hi, Judy.

Thank you for contacting the Profit Clicking Help Desk.

Withdrawals are the most important issue we have at this time. We are working very hard to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I'd like to explain what is actually occurring with the withdrawals, if I may.

When we first launched our withdrawal process, we had it set up so that an unlimited number of people could request a withdrawal, up to $250 per day, per payment processor. Literally thousands upon thousands of requests came into the system simultaneously. It impeded the ability for the system to process as it was intended to.

In JBP there were specific withdrawal limits and only a certain number of people could request a withdrawal each day - the same way as our Bucket is set up. If we had it to do over again, that's how we would have handled it in Profit Clicking. We didn't anticipate that being a problem. The withdrawal system, the way it was designed, filled up with a massive amount of withdrawal requests very quickly. They are in the system now, we can't and won't delete them, as that would not be fair to those members. So, we have to let them process through.

We are getting closer each day to having this resolved. Each and every day, more of them process through. To help smooth the process over, we introduced a new withdrawal system, the Bucket, so that people could still request smaller withdrawals and have those processed in about 48 hours. We are now running both the Bucket and Queue side by side and processing them simultaneously.

Please let me know if you have any further questions that I may assist you with. Thank you for being a valued member of Profit Clicking!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Three Million

Holy Cow!!!
Did he say 3 million?!?

Online Days : 112 days
Total Members : 18140
Total Paid : $2 387 372.46
Users Online : 123
Purchases : $3 147 390.00

Richard Cannon
AND.........THE WINNER IS................ - alexander - his purchases took us over the $3M so he will be credited with 3 ad packs on RAF - congratulations and here' to the $4M :)

All mass pay withdrawals requests have been processed - we will be doing it earlier now as we are taking on more people to accomplish daily tasks - this will mean that as we grow, we will still be able to accomplish payments before earnings are run and continue to offer you the service that you require. RAF must bet better as it gets bigger and not less responsive :) The manual payment requests (PM) will be processed in a little while.

Russell Chapman

Good morning; to help us more effectively help YOU we ware adopting the following with regard to support tickets.
Purchases are manually approved normally within 1 working day (Mon-Sat). We do not approve purchases on Sunday. - Any support ticket regarding purchases less than 48 hours old will be deleted.

So there you have it. Straight from the horses mouth. Or is that cows mouth, hehe  Anyway I'm happy to be a part of this program and hope it lasts forever! Three Cheers for R & R !
PS, requested a cash out today which I'll probably see tomorrow.

xGolding: doing well and will be asking for a payment later today. Told you I was making today my 'pay day'.

GrandBankClub: purchased another $40 plan and requested a $54 cash out. Thanks in advance Gord.

ShowBizHits: was surprised today to receive $2 from ShowBiz. Seems I was one of the StarMan winners and I also received some free Advertising credits.

$2.00 + 150 /150 /150 ( blondie )

Thanks to Lisa and Chris, the ShowBiz Admin Ladies!

You know there are a lot of sites that offer a small RC when someone you refer uses their services. is one of them and thanks to my referrals who use them, I was able to request a $15 cash out to LR today.

EgoPay is another one that knocked my socks off:
Referrals Payout Received - System - Completed  $58.49
That was received on January 2nd and yes, was an exceptionally large payout for RC. Just wanted to show you guys that sometimes it does pay to promote.

ProfitClicking: as much as I don't like submitting support tickets unless it's an emergency... I think the time has come.
EgoPay  $250.00  2012-10-01  Pending
Now I personally haven't been trying the "buckets" lately due to 1) frustration and 2) hoping others who are still 'out of pocket' can get in. But I also think that 3-1/2 months is plenty long enough to wait patiently for this payment.

We all love Cats right?
Mine are the ones in the Self-Service area.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monkey on a Keyboard

I know I haven't been here all day but I've been trying to communicate with my Insurance Agent, who is much like a monkey on a keyboard.

I bought flood insurance from him on Oct 23rd and I STILL don't have an accurate policy in my hands!

Wonder how these Agents get hired anyway? Also wonder how they manage to keep their jobs?
I'm about ready to send SuperFly over to pay him a visit.

Am going to make tomorrow my payout day in my favorite programs. So will let you know about that ... well, tomorrow.

Speaking of favorite programs, here's some helpful info from Richard and Russell of RAF and ismAI:

Latest Update: 01/15/2013 (TUE)

This update applies to ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds.

Admin Russell posted an update regarding Support Tickets. Please find below the summary of this update.

1. On Ad Packs Purchases

Purchases are manually approved normally within 1 working day (MON-SAT). There are no approval of purchases on Sundays. Any support ticket regarding purchases less than 48 hours old will be deleted.

2. On Withdrawals

Withdrawals are normally processed within 1 working day (MON-SAT). 2 working days for Perfect Money. Withdrawals are not processed on Sundays. The site clearly states processing time is 2-3 working days. Any support tickets regarding non processing of withdrawals that are less than 72 hours old will be deleted.

3. On Pending Processors

These are being updated daily now. ismAdsIncome is 1 day behind. Any support tickets with regard to Pending Processor IDs less that 9 days old, unless you are reporting an invalid ID will be deleted. (The current processor ID screens are being re-written to make process easier for you).

4. On Answering Support Tickets

We answer support tickets in the order they are received so please stop sending repeat tickets. It only overloads the system and wastes time. If you have sent a message on skype or facebook regarding a support issue please not send an email unless requested by me. If you have sent in a support ticket by email do send a request for support by skype or facebook it only confuses the resolution.

5. On Sending Support Tickets

Please ensure that all support tickets include your user name and the user name of any members applicable to that ticket. With immediate effect tickets not containing this will be replied to with message "user name(s) required".

Whilst I appreciate members saying thank you, please do not send emails saying thank you. Thank you for your anticipated co-operation in making our support more effective.

Monday, January 14, 2013


 I have this fly in my house that's been here since Summer or Fall.
He's avoided the fly swatter, the spider, the cats and the cold weather.
Being January and zero degrees outside, I don't have the heart to put him out.
Figure if he's lasted this long, he deserves to finish out his life.
So I've named him "Superfly". Appropriate name, don't you think?

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: new facebook post from Richard about 2 hours ago:
All purchases from the weekend have been processed and approved and all mass pay payments have been processed too :) Happy days when people get their income on a daily basis :) Thanks for all the wishes I got for a good and restful weekend - nice to have a break now and again lol :)
And he's right about that! Happy Days at RAF and ismAI.

xGolding: requested today and received today a small RC cash out. Thanks to the Admin and members of course.

ProfitClicking: just received an update titled: "The Future Looks Very Bright!"
(hang on... need to go find my shades, lol)
- improvements in the current systems
- many more income streams
(seems like it's been a year since I first heard about that. well, let's continue)
- promote, promote and promote
(can't do that, but am still reading)

Can't withdraw enough money?

Only allowed to withdraw up to $250 a day
per payment processor? Well that is
projected to change soon. How would you
like to withdraw up to $500 or even more
per day per payment processor? Well that
is our goal, folks!

Now that's a great goal but what are the chances that it will happen without some major adjustments in the system? Seriously.
Even if they did a 100% Profit Shift, (which I'm sort of expecting)... a lot of members will still have a lot of (virtual) money in their wallets. So what then?
Why raise the withdraw limit? Why not lower it?
At $50 you could pay five members instead of one.
At $25 you could pay ten members instead of one.
I'd be more than happy to see 10 posts in the forum from members receiving $25 each than one post from one member who managed to get lucky and hit the $250 bucket that day.
Well I dunno. Guess I just prefer to see a good game (program) run fair for everyone, not just those who are quick on the trigger.

So who's old enough to remember SuperFly? Anybody?