Saturday, April 19, 2008

Adults Acting Like Children

What makes grown people act like children?
I don't mean playing games, laughing or dancing. That's fun stuff :) I am referring to temper tantrums.

You would think that by the time you reach a certain age or mentality, that you should be able to "think things through" before opening your mouth or placing your fingers on the keyboard.

The reason I brought this up is because I just read a note from a member and promoter of 10DollarsWonder. He was actually whining and wrote "thats not fair" because he didn't receive the $1.10 from his purchase immediately! (remember it'll take a few hours now due to the increase in volume.)

He obviously didn't take the time to read the update or my blog. If he had, he probably could have saved himself a lot of mental anguish while keeping his blood pressure under control at the same time. ha!

Here's the update again for those who didn't catch it:

"News update 04/18/08 - system improvement

System improvement:
We have improved our system scripts to accommodate our growth and record larger new purchase and re-purchase more efficiently. There will have few hours waiting time for the initial cycling. Your positions are cycled by new purchases and re-purchases. Every new purchase or re-purchase will cycle 70 positions always. "


And still no change in my e2ePay transfer to 10DollarsWonder. Remember if anyone sees it before me ... let me know :))


The security alarm went off at my Son's house a bit ago. Have been waiting for a report back from the security company or police, but nothing yet. So I think I'll go out there to check on things earlier than normal today. Will be back later, unless I run into an intruder. Wish me Luck :)

** Am back. Everything was fine. Was hoping to see something that the Cat knocked over to trigger the motion detector. But I saw nothing out of place, and the detector is not supposed to pick up on 'Cats jumping around', unless they're over 35 pounds. Now THAT would be One Big Cat!


That's all for today, unless someone sends a comment that I need to respond to.
I'm otta here.


HermitJim said...

Gee Blondie...hope all is well at your son's place. A shame if anything were to happen while they are not home. Living in the big city, I am QUITE aware of all the mean minded folks in the world today!
About the post from "whiner", some people just wouldn't be happy even if they were hung with a new rope, ya know?

See ya

Grady said...

Hi Blondie, my father and sister are both in e2epay and their commissions have been transferred for about a month now. They are not showing positions just the amount of commission in their new 10dw acct. This matches what is in their e2epay. Nothing has changed other than that.

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Yes everything was fine there. Thanks for your concern.

Nothing has changed in my e2ePay to 10DW transfer either. Only the commission as you mentioned. It's a very tedious process and the Admin has been working very hard on it (when he's not sick in bed).
Hopefully Soon we'll all see what we've been waiting for :)

js said...

Hey Blondie, I once did adopt a cat that was over 35 lbs... he was so fat and big that he had to lay down to eath out of his food bowl.

I eventually had to return him to the animal shelter as he was refusing to be house-trained.


blondie said...

Wow John!
That is a fat cat unless it was a Maine Coon (sp?)
Too bad he had to go back.

sinip said...

There is one nice proverb in English that I picked up somewhere, sometime... Regarding grown up people acting like children. Here it goes: "growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional". And boy oh boy, I've seen a lot of those, unfortunately...

Anonymous said...
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blondie said...

Hi sinip,
Nice proverb indeed :)

Thanks for dropping by,

Patrick said...

Hi Blondie

I am whininhg too, you know why?

I have 120 positions in e2epay and only 2 in 10DW, so I am missing a lot of cyclings....

My confidence is beginning to lower.

The Netherlands

blondie said...

Hi Patrick,
We're all missing a lot of action while this transfer is underway.
All I can ask is to keep the faith.
I'm sure it'll be back up running awesome in no time at all.