Sunday, April 20, 2008

Will Be Out Today

Going to the Airport in less than an hour to pick up "the kids" :)
Lou will be very happy to see them! She just hasn't been herself this week.

So your emails might go unanswered today, and I promise I'll get caught up tomorrow.

Have a Great Sunday!


HermitJim said...

Be careful on the's a jungle out there!


Myrna said...

Yes - take care on the roads.
You will miss Lou Dog - wait and see.

Holideez said...

Hi Judy

how are u....

Am whining here in Holland, wanna know why? Beginning to lose convidence in e2epay. I have 120 positions in it and only 2 in
e2epay, so I am missing a lot cyclings....

Hope that it will be soon ok in there.

the Netherlands

blondie said...

Hi Jim, thanks :) I'm back safe and sound.

Myrna, you're right. I missed Lou licking my face to wake me up today.

Patrick, you're not whining. You're just concerned and I can understand that. I check every day to see if anythings happening yet. Was disappointed myself today to see the same old stuff.
I miss the program also.
One of these days, soon I hope, we'll log in and actually see all of our positions running again.

Take care,

Myrna said...

In the old 10$ I had some cycling today so that is good.
Wish admin would publish that he is getting better.