Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friends and Sunday

Thanks to The Hermit for sending this to me :)
As Jackie Gleason would say: "How Sweet It Is!"


Someone just posted a comment in my Feb. 5th blog post which said:

"The last post date was over a week ago, just wondering IF Blondie was able to help Jeff resolve his problem.

It would be good to hear from Jeff about this. "

And I agree. It would be good to hear from Jeff about this.
Too bad I tried several times to get Jeff to contact me ... but he never did.
He never wrote to me, he never responded. So eventually I gave up trying to contact him via this blog. If he were really in need of help, all he had to do was write to me and ask. "Case Closed".


Sorry I don't have much going on today. Not here at my blog.

Spent several hours with Turbo Tax this morning and still not done.

Then Lou Dog got dropped off about 2 hrs ago. She's here for a WEEK!
So if I seem a bit distracted or you can't find me, that's why, OK?

Other than that, not much to report on.

John also gave the Thumbs-Down on Saturday to the program that spammed my blog comments. Am happy about that. And he was NOT aware of my spamming incident until after I read HIS post for that day and mentioned it to him. Nice :)


Any updates from anyone in their 10DollarsWonder 2nd or New Account yet? (big sigh) Well there's always tomorrow, right?

Gotta go.


js said...

Hi Judy,

My second account at 10dw also does not yet show any positions from e2epay. Just $24 or so in my balance for some odd reason.

Hopefully Chung will get going soon. Maybe a health issue.


blondie said...

Thanks John

Yes he moved the account balance and some of the referrals over a few weeks ago, but nothing since then.

He has been ill so I'm sure that's what the hold up is.
I hope he's feeling better soon.


HermitJim said...

I hope that you and Lou Dog have fun...rollicking in the snow, or living room , or where ever...I get the impression that Lou Dog would have a good time anywhere. Have a good day...


blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Lou and I are outside now. It's over 60 degrees here. And expecting 70 tomorrow. Might be a nice week after all.
Take care,

Myrna said...

That sure is a cute cartoon from HermitJim.

We had a nice hot weeekend and now Mon. it has rained a bit and now the sun. Grass and birds will be singing.