Monday, April 14, 2008

Too Late and Too Lazy

I didn't forget you today.
Was busy this morning filing my tax returns.
Then had to go out this afternoon.
Now I'm back but it's late and I'm lazy ...
so I'll be back tomorrow with something or other.
See you then :))


HermitJim said...

Well...better late than never, Blondie. See ya later...


Myrna said...

Is your tax filing date April 15, or earlier?

blondie said...

April 15 is the day. eck!

Missi said...

Just thought Id drop by and say hi. You've inspired me to create my own blog here. See how it goes hey. Let me know if you'd like to check it out. Look forward to something or other then. Enjoy laziness, its something I fully recommend taking part in when you can.

blondie said...

Missi !
Nice to see you here!

Sure I'll take a peek at your new blog. Just let me know when it's ready for viewing.

Take care,
blondie :))

Missi said...

Goodmorning from the land of Oz. It should be ok to view now. I havent done much since i only started it yesterday. I added the link in case you need it. Hope you enjoy your day mcuh better without taxes to worry about now. We have to do ours in about 3 months.

Missi said...

ooops well I thought I addedit but cannnot see it .. here it is again just in case

blondie said...

Nice blog Missi :)
It's coming along great!
Love the parakeets too.
Take care,