Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One More Delay ... No April Fools Joke

Happy 1st of April - April Fool's Day!


One more delay in the e2ePay transfer to 10DollarsWonder
Was anxious to visit 10dw this morning, and noticed the transfer is delayed until April 6th.
Well ya know, the Admin's been ill so we really can't complain. Just be sure you're ready for it. If you had an e2ePay Account, follow the instructions on the site and you'll be good-to-go when it's time. I am soooo ready :))

Just noticed your newly bought purchases or re-purchases are now showing at the top of your list, rather than the bottom. Yep, it switched it around. Thanks Admin! That's much easier than having to go to page 2 for those of us with more than 100 positions.

** Just Added: Those of you waiting for the e2ePay transfer to 10dollarswonder, log into your acct at e2ePay and see if you're on the list. Here's what it says:

"News update 03/31/08 - transferring starts on 4/06/08

Positions transferring starts on 4/06/08:
Quite a few members edited your new account for transferring incorrectly. Please make sure your account is valid and do not claim the trial position.

Click here to view the transfer accounts error list.

Possible reason of errors:
  • Account is invalid

  • Account is not empty"

  • Well, he doesn't say WHAT TO DO if you screwed up. If I find out, I'll let you know. hmmm


    I'm really happy with the flawless results from the P-2-P Network.* Have completed 5 days of earning interest plus a bit of referral commissions on my new account with them. I'm still learning the best way to work my funds so I might make a new deposit today in a different plan. I like comparisons.
    *link removed. this is a private program.

    The program info was sent out as an Alert and is also posted here on the 26th of March. Scroll down and take a peek if you missed it. It's a good one!


    The other Totally Passive program that I joined on March 21st (see that days post and alert) is also doing well, but I can't see anything until they get the website up for us to be able to login and check our accounts. My Sponsor really seems to think that it is the One! Or at least, one of the ones. ha!


    Hello Again Hermit Jim. (see his Sunday post :)


    Am told the pic I placed in TrafficEra got chopped off. The tip of my head? Or was it a complete lobotomy??? hahaha Am still giggling about that :)
    So if you decide to join, and wish to be added to our Team, let me know. Look me up when you get there ... username blondie.


    There was a 70 car pile-up in Vail, Colorado yesterday. 70. How in the heck did that happen? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?


    back in a sec


    HermitJim said...

    Hey...thanks for the plug, Blondie! I wouldn't worry too much about the part of the pic that got chopped off...I was using my over-active imagination to fill in the blanks! But it looks good now that you've changed it. BTW...I had NOTHING to do with that pile up in Vale...!! Really!

    blondie said...

    hahaha Jim :D
    You're a crack up!
    Cya :)