Thursday, April 24, 2008

Did Ya Miss Me?

Took yesterday off and might do the same today.
It's really nice and warm outside and I have got to get some things done.


Received a nice payout from 10DollarsWonder yesterday. And of course I continue to re-purchase on a regular basis to keep my account "active" and to keep the program healthy. Speaking of healthy ...

I heard from Chung (the Admin) last night. He told me that the Flu continues to cycle around his house and family. As soon as one person feels better, the next one gets sick. So the poor guy is doing everything he can to do the necessary daily work for 10dw.
Everything is fine in regards to the e2ePay transferring process ... it's just taking longer than we would like.


Purchased another Ad Package at DRW yesterday. I have 4 now, all running and earning me a Daily Profit Share. Oh and I'm an Executive to boot!


Ahhh, that's all for now.
Nothing else new since yesterday.

So you all have a great day!


HermitJim said...

Blondie...we missed ya yesterday, but we also Understand about needing to get things done. So you go do what you have to...we will still be out here when ya get back. Sort of like the old radio shows..."Tune in at the same time tomorrow for the next episode of BLONDES-MAKE-MONEY!!!...sponsored by your good friends at..." know what I mean?

blondie said...

Yep, I know what you mean Jim :)
Thanks as always!
Now off to get my little blonde butt in gear, lol.

Myrna said...

Missed your posts but I was also busy outside too - moving more snow around. Guess it will soon stop. Snow is better than a flood tho.

JS wrote in his blog today that he was not feeling up to par so hope he has time to read your news and get this get better message.

Have a good warm day all.

Frank said...

Tell Chung to get some colloidal silver. It will kill the flu is a few hours. Haven't gotten the flu for 15 years since starting this stuff.

blondie said...

Thanks Myrna, I hope js is doing better also.

Frank, I'll pass the info onto Chung. I don't know if he'll follow up on it, but I will let him know.


meltcat said...

I missed ya, too, blondie. Always good to read you.
Take care,

blondie said...

Hey =^..^= Cat!

Always good to know I have company!

Thanks for the visit,