Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tank Tops to Turtlenecks

That's how the weather lady described our weather for the last two days.
On Tues, it reached a high of 82 degrees and sunny as heck.
Wed. was cloudy all day and snowing. High of 46 I think.
So the snow is done once again, and by the weekend should be back to the nice warm temp's of the 60's and 70's. I can live with this.


A friend of mine just asked me about The P-2-P* network and STP. So rather than send him an individual email, thought I'd post the links here to see if he comes back to read my blog (wink). (this is for you Bill.)
*link removed. if you wish to learn more, you must ask me.

My account in P-2-P is doing exactly what it should be doing. But it's still a long 5-1/2 weeks away from my first deposit maturing. (yes, I chose the 60 day plan.) So stay tuned for more. I'll be sure to update as things progress.


We were also chatting about 10DollarsWonder. He's just tickled pink at the consistency of the daily cycling!
Now this guy is 100% passive, has no referrals, and is thrilled about the extra money coming in.
As for me ... I made $20 in ref comm's alone, while I slept. (thanks guys!)
So that money, on top of my daily cycling, might be enough to pay for some gasoline for my old Jeep today :)) haha

No Word yet on how the e2e to 10DW transfer is going. If anyone sees something new before I do ... please drop me a comment and let me know. Thanks!


Am enjoying my 'daily profit' from the new DRW Advertising site I recently joined. And when you get 5 referrals, your daily profit share increases. Same applies when you get 10 referrals. Nice :) But even without referrals, you will still share in the profit sharing plan. So this one works for the more passive type of advertiser as well. And a nice place to do some Advertising for your favorite programs. A-ha.


You know, I Love Lou dog ...
but she's a Boxer and drools A LOT!!!

Have you ever seen the movie with Tom Hanks, "Turner and Hooch"?
You know the scenes where Hooch shakes and all that slobbering drool flies all over the room like a spitball? Yeah? You got it!

I think I'll just wait till Lou goes home to clean the slobber off all the windows, walls, ceiling, glass cabinet doors, my computer screen, the TV and ... ahhhh ... Me? hahaha


brb after I eat a couple of pancakes, take a shower, clean the kitty litter, let the dog out, etc. On 2nd thought ... I may be a while.



HermitJim said...

Naw...if I hadn't done my typical nosing around...I would have never known that you updated. I guess that I must get a mental message or something that it's time to come over and read! SHUCKS!...was looking foward to a new toy to mess with...oh well!


blondie said...

Hey Jim,
The only thing I noticed is that your blog is in my favorites (top line) in firefox now. Was hoping it would blink or something when you update, lol. No huh? shoot.
Ok, cya later and thanks for the info.

Missi said...

Just saying hi. Nothing new with the transfer at my end either. Still patiently awaiting on news from Admin. He must be really unwell as its been a few days. Asked for permission to use my blog for member updates for times when he has little time to adjust them on the site so will see how that goes and let you know. Enjoy your pancakes. Im off to clean out my honda and mazda van. If we wee close Id offer to clean up the dog slobber in exchange for moving the rest of my house out of my cars lol.

blondie said...

Hi Missi :)

That's funny! Trading dog slobber for moving your house? hehe I think I'll keep my dog slobber.

I saw an update on 10dw today. But still no changes in my account. So we'll just wait it out I suppose.

Thanks for checking in and have a Great Day!