Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gardening & 10DW comment just added

8:20 PM MST: Just heard from Admin at 10DollarsWonder. He's still very ill and will put an update on the site tonight. So all we can do it wait and of course, Wish him well for a fast recovery.
Cya tomorrow


While the sun is out, I need to do some gardening.
bbl, I think :))


Does my email address show at the top of this blog page?
Hard for me to tell cause I'm logged in as me :))


Received an interesting email so I thought I'd respond here, so that you all know what the answer is, (in case the thought ever crossed your mind) ok?

Here's what he wrote along with my answers included ...

I recall you said 10dw cycles whenever money comes in from new position purchases, but are you sure about this ?
** Yes I am sure. You may not see it immediately, but it does happen.

Looks more to me like cycling is done by admin manually when he thinks enough new purchases have come in as I notice cycling occurs around the same time everyday. If cycling is automatic according new purchases, then cycling will happen at all times of the day.
** It used to happen at all times of the day and caused some problems. So, some of the cycling happens immediately. Then the Admin releases the rest of the cycling at a designated time.
If someone bought 100 positions, that would cycle 7,000. That's too much, too fast. And WHAT IF it were a Fraudulent purchase???

The system runs smoother when it is regulated and controlled. He also needs to "watch" the cycling for cheaters .. so he does it this way for the security of the program and it's members.

The cycling is too regular being once daily for the past 2 mths, so my worry is admin is "forced' to continue cycling daily as not to create panic among the members, even though there is not enough activity to justify daily cycling.
** Now that just makes me laugh, and you are very wrong about your concern.
We DO NOT Cycle if money is not available to Cycle. It's that simple. There are NO Guaranteed cycles. Sometimes I cycle 50 out of 100, sometimes the entire 100. It just depends on what's available.

Which means that what we earned might not be there if all of us withdraw."
** Wrong again! You only see what's available. If money is showing in your available balance, then it is there and can be withdrawn.

....... Meaning should we be concern ?
** Nope. We should NOT be concerned. Not in the least.


That made me tired.
Anyone need a beer?


Myrna said...

Gardening - you are optimistic !!
Enjoy the sun. Good medicine.

HermitJim said...

Are you gardening in the snow...? Or is it mud...just wondering! I think you're really just trying to get an early start on your tan! Either way...have fun!

patrick said...

Hi Judy

How are you those days, long time ago that I have spoken to you!

Hope youre doing well


blondie said...

You guys are great!
Even when I have nothing to say I still get comments :)

Myrna, I needed to get the dead flower stems out and fertilize the lawn. Supposed to snow or rain tomorrow.

Jim, No snow. No mud. It all soaked in already. Suntan? hehe Had on a very warm long sleeve shirt.

Patrick, Hey! You're right, long time no talk to. I'm ok, you ok?

Take care all,

Myrna said...

No - I don't see your email address.

Thanks for refresher info about 10dw. I know I am still receiving notices of cycling. Happy, happy.

I cleaned out my dead stalks and stuff a few weeks ago - then we did get snow.Now the new shoots are coming up. It's heat we need.

Sun was out here this aft. and was so bright it was blinding.

If I could pop over to have a beer with you I would !!

Myrna said...

I just see where it shows comments and a little envelope ( at bottom of blog) - if you click on that it shows your latest comment.
Was that what you were referring to previously ?