Thursday, April 10, 2008

No News is Good News

Is that true?
When someone says "no news is good news".
I suppose it can it be true.

Today for instance, I've just spent the first 3 hours of my day looking for something new.
Something new in programs that I'm in, and answering quite a few emails that were received while I slept.

I see nothing new to report on today.

* 10DollarsWonder is still working fine ;)
* Nothing new in my 2nd acct. yet ... the transferred one from e2ePay.
* Visited the 10DW thread in MMG to see what folks are saying there. We did discuss how only the newer positions were cycling now. Newer meaning Nov 23, 2007 and after. That's OK and I think he was right to cut-off the old ones at some point.
* Trying a different Plan in a 2nd deposit at P2P for personal benefit (we'll see how that goes).
* Waiting for a member website in the "other" Private Group. (as per alert 3)
* Am a bit disappointed in ATU and TTP. How do you feel about it? (be gentle if you comment)

See what I mean? Not much to chat about today.

It IS snowing like a bit** here :))
Supposed to get 3-5" of snow today.
And my hands are a little stiff from the yard work on Tuesday.
Glad I got that fertilizer down though. Should have greener grass soon.
Am not grocery shopping till tomorrow so ... guess I'll put my nose to the grindstone and try to get my tax stuff done today. Yep, that' the plan.

So there you have it. My life in a nutshell. hahaha

Have a great day everyone and gimme a holler if you need me.
Talk to you soon,
blondie :))


HermitJim said...

Hey my tomato plants, green peppers, and such planted in the garden. The pepper plants from last year are starting to produce peppers again (they didn't know that they were supposed to die in the Winter). I, too, am disappointed in ATU and TTP. In fact, over half the mail I get seems to be from them reminding me of this or that. Glad to see that I am not alone in some of my feelings ( although I am really voicing them gently)! See ya


blondie said...

So you got a garden Jim? Nice :) I'll be updating about mine as the summer goes on. Maybe even post some pics, lol.
Too early for me to plant anything yet. Usually around mid May it's pretty safe. We have a short season so it's hard to grow certain things.

Ok, off to do my other stuff. Just wanted to stop by and say HI :)

Myrna said...

Calgary,AB got a blast of snow - not sure if you get Canadian news - and they can have it. We had a forecast for snow but stayed south.
Stores are already having little bedding plants for sale, and seed and dirt etc.
Have a good Thurs.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a little disappointed in ATU/TTP. I was in early and though I cycled once before it opened, it has not lead to any other momentum in the 3x5 or additional 2x2. I have promoted it some, without much luck.
I have not tried all of the new advertising methods they have put in front of me, so maybe I only have myself to blame.
I guess my expectations were for a little higher dollar amount.

I have a person who wants to sign up for LV, but has not gotten a response back from her JOIN request. She checked her junk mail also. I told her to try again. If you know of any good reason as to why she did not get a response, let me know.

blondie said...

re: LV
Is she sure she followed the directions exactly as written?
I used AOL and I even got through to them, and received their responses.
She's not using hotmail is she?
Yes, have her try again using a different email address. And don't add any words to what they say. I'm sure their system picks up only the exact words. ok?
Keep in touch,

naphtali said...

Hi Judy,
i am so glad that someone else is finally saying they are disappointed in ATU/TTP. i thought iwas the only one. i have not cycled yet. i have 2 people in my downline from the pre-load, but it's been crickets since. i am excited about 10 dollars wonder though. i can't wait til my 2nd account has been transfered. sorry to hear about the snow, its 45 here in Detroit.

blondie said...

Hey Greg,
Yeah, those 2 have been a disappointment. Just wasn't sure how many folks were still waiting. Thanks for talking it out.

Also 10dw has been my best income earner for the past year. And I think it's only getting stronger. Can't wait for the e2epay transfer to be complete. It'll really rock then!

Oh and .. snow here today means it's coming your way in the next 2 days?? Mark my word! Enjoy the warmer weather while you can!

Go Red Wings!

Nighteyes said...

Yeah, I'm also disappointed in ATU/TTP.
I've been reading ATU Forum a lot and what I understand is this:
*. We have to fill our own 2x2 matrix. yes the pre-load is not sponsor-followed, but after the pre-load, if we don't refer, we will never cycle.
*. if we fail to sponsor anyone, the only way to profit is to be pre-loaded in 3 team builds.

blondie said...

nighteyes, nice to see you here.

Thanks for the info. I've never been to their forum.

I know quite a few that were in the pre-load and have not filled their matrix. So they must have been at the end of the pre-load? That's not good.
Team profit eh? shoot :(