Saturday, April 5, 2008

Food for thought ...

I was just over in MMG doing some reading, which got me thinking about the effect that the e2ePay merge will have on the current 10DollarsWonder members.
Now if it is truly a merge, here's some history that got me excited:

* 10dollarswonder re-launch was Nov 23, 2007.
- my total times cycled as of today is 10,679
- the 1st pos. I bought on 11/23 has now cycled 188 times

* e2ePay re-launch was Dec 26, 2007.
- my total times cycled as of today is 11,721
- the 1st pos. I bought on 12/26 has now cycled 206 times

So what does that tell ya?

I have been consistently earning more from e2ePay since the re-launches. And just so you know, I have always had equal positions in each one so that I could make this comparison. (I'm kinda nosey like that :)

So are the e2ePay members more "active"?

If the answer is Yes, then they should bring a lot of value to the current 10dw group .. and themselves, if they have been playing in both.

Bottom line is ... if you're NOT in 10DollarsWonder yet, (or e2epay), I got a feeling now would be a great time to start and get at least 1 paid position! We all like to "Whoo Hooo", don't we? And the more the merrier!


Still working on my tax returns and feeling a bit crappy. Thought I'd look around today and see what other bloggers were up to. Found this at Hermit Jim's which helped me a lot with my attitude adjustment. Thanks Jim!

Cheers Everyone !!!


HermitJim said...

Always glad to be of service for any type of adjustment...attitude or otherwise! That's just the kinds guy I am...( glad I got my boots on cause it's getting deep in here!)


Myrna said...

We in Alberta got a big dump of snow - snowman type snow (wet and sticky) so all the neighbours are congretaing outside to clear their walks & cars. Someone took orders for Tim Horton's coffee - so we are in a good mood here. The amount of fresh air one gets from moving snow - hey !! oxygenatd those brain cells.

Everyone have a good day.

Cat said...

Just wanted to stop in and say hello.
Have a good one,

blondie said...

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Always nice to know that I'm not just talking to myself, lol.