Friday, April 25, 2008

Hello Hello :)

What is going on with You today?

I want to go back outside but it's awfully windy and not as warm as the last two days, so ... ?


I've been promoted to Premier Executive at DRW. Thanks to my referral number 10 who pushed me over the top!
Just goes to show that promoting this Advertising site can pay off nicely. And you don't even have to spend time surfing. Nope, you don't. Just put in your Ad links to your favorite programs and run with it!

"All DRW Associate Members Earn 10% Fast Cash!
All DRW Executive Members Earn 15% Fast Cash!
All DRW Premier Executive Members Earn 20% Fast Cash!
Fast Cash Reward Bonuses Are Paid On Each And Every Adpack Sale And Re-Order!"


My two Private Programs are both doing great. The first one (from my Alert 3 on March 21) has their Members site up and running so we can now watch our shares grow.
I had to contact the company yesterday and was pleased when I received a response back in just a few minutes along with my problem resolved. Good support for sure!

The second one (from my Alert 4 on March 26) is really getting me excited now!
Yeah yeah yeah ... I know that everyone does not like this program or agrees with my thoughts (and dreams) about it. And that's OK.
What I see is what I get. And that's the mindset I'm sticking to.


Why is it, that all the News stories I want to watch on TV are not shown until the "late night news" ... which is after I go to bed? For those of us who are the "early to bed & early to rise" types, we could miss something good :(


My buddies, hermitjim and johnski (giggle at the name) both have excellent blog pages today. I suggest you visit them if you have time. I did and was absorbed in each one. Both are totally different and very stimulating.

As for me ... I like to keep things light :)))
So my song for the day is ......................


HermitJim said...

Hey least we kept your attention for a bit, right? Besides, we always try to mix in a little humor or music from time to time just so we won't be too dull!

And tonight it's FRIDAY!! That means you get to stay up late with the big kids and everything...cookies and milk at news time!

Aloha Friday

blondie said...

Love your blog Jim. You know that!

And Yes, it IS Friday!
Cookies and Milk eh?
Sounds good to me :)

Now if I can just keep my eyes open that long, I can check out that news show, a-ha.

Happy Aloha Friday to You!

Myrna said...

Judy - thanks for the great music - really enjoyed it.
Will get back to you later.