Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Good Morning :)

Lou dog has gone home after her long week here. Kind of missed her licking my face to wake me up this morning.

Her 'parents' brought her a Sombrero from their vacation in Mexico. Too Funny :)) Can't wait to get the pics developed. Sorry I don't have an instant camera.


When you guys write to me at my gmail account, please don't send attachments. I won't open them, OK? Thanks!


Can't seem to get it together today. What's New? Anything?


"If you remember the 60's ... You weren't really there!"

Thanks to Tom Rush, Hermit Jim and Minerva in New Zealand (Jim's friend).


HermitJim said...

Blondie...maybe if you're a really "good" girl this year, Santa will bring you a digital camera! Or is that the Great Pumpkin, like Linu says in "Charlie Brown"? Anyway, I'm glad you're back and all is well.


blondie said...

Thanks Jim.

The Great Pumpkin, lol

I actually have and old digital that was given to me but it needs something, and I can't remember what. Something to do with the battery or charger?

Oh well, I'll get to the camera store soon to get it workin! yeah

Later :))

Myrna said...

loved the remember song...
As I was cleaning ut a drawer I found an old film ( so that dates me !)took it to get developed. Bet it be very surprising as to what and who is in the pictures.
So after I dig out from the western blizzard I will get to the store.
Take care!

Myrna said...

That film I was talking about had pictures from the hot sunny Dominican Republic beach where I vacationed about 4 years ago. How ironic. Would sure enjoy that heat and sun right now as our blizzard hasn't stopped.
Hope everyone else is fine !

blondie said...

4 yr old film?
And nice to relive those moments eh?
Thanks Myrna

Myrna said...

Yes - Judy 4 yrs old - around the time when I first met u - on some program - and was madly emailing u from there (their keyboard had its letters mixed up and was so old and slow connection ) - we have come along way Babe. he he .

Earth day - wonder who invented toilet paper. Not sure but think some countries use other methods.

And in the country we used the Eatons catalogue !! (Anyone else recall that? )