Sunday, April 6, 2008

Not sure ...

Not sure what's going on or what's not going on with the e2ePay transfers over to 10DollarsWonder. I see no change in my account this morning ... Do You?

Well at least my original account at 10dw keeps going. But it'll sure be more fun when I have two!


Speaking of two ... the 2 Totally Passive programs I recently joined are doing good. At least I think so. One of them does not have their member website ready yet, but should in a couple of weeks. The other one does and I can watch my earnings grow daily.

If you missed either of my Alerts 3 or 4, let me know and I'll re-send them to you. But please be patient for the email since I don't have them 'automated' yet, so will need to check my other email address, ok? cool.

Oh and if you're not already on my Alert list yet, you can join here.


Well I just don't have much to say today.
Hope you don't mind.
Maybe some nice quiet time would be better anyway, eh?


HermitJim said...

Hey...I recognise that picture !!! Cute, ain't it ?

rboydcandles said...

Hi,this is my first time in here hope it works. Found you in 10 dollars wonder and signed up on your alert. I signed up in P-2-P Network, did the 60 day.Put $100.00 in and bought 10,000 units. I dont understand the units part of it. Can you explain it for me? Thanks

blondie said...

Yes Jim, it IS a cute pic. And I needed one to show relaxation today so ... that was The One!
Thanks for sending them to me.

You comment came through loud and clear! Thanks for posting.

Well I bought 10,000 units as well to get started. Since the units are .01 a piece, and the minimum to start is $100. Not sure if the 'units' has any significance other than that. I am also in the 60 day play and am earning $2.67 per day with the $100 purchase.

We can always chat details in email if you like. Send to: ok?

Thanks for signing under me :)
Appreciate it.

rboydcandles said...

Thanks Judy, i check your Guide to Riches daily. Thanks for being there with good programs. I want to be a fulltimer in 7yrs. For now iam building up and learning. Thanks again...Robert

blondie said...

Hey Robert,

Thanks for dropping by and it's nice to meet you!

I've been online since 2002 but just started this blog last Oct. Wish I had done it sooner. oh well.

Email me whenever you have questions, ok? I'm around every day :)


Anonymous said...
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