Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Is it morning already?


Someone just asked about the e2ePay transfer over to 10DollarsWonder. I have not heard any news about this. And my account is still sitting idle also. So until we see our positions added to our new or 2nd 10dw account, and perhaps an update to accompany it ... not much else we can do. No point in writing to Admin. Am pretty sure he won't reply. Yes, I am missing this program & income also.


Just checked in over at MMG and read something I thought I should mention.
- When you Claim the Trial Position in 10dollarswonder, it's a Loan (not a gift). Meaning your account balance will start at a Negative -$10.00. As you cycle and/or buy new positions that cycle, your negative balance will eventually become a positive balance that you can use to withdraw or re-purchase. OK?
PS, the trial position is is only for New Free Members who wish to try out the program and see how it works. Cool :)


The TV is too loud. Having trouble concentrating. Kind of reminds me of that old office noise. You know, where someone is singing, playing their radio loud, complaining about something, banging on their keyboard or throwing stuff around. Very distracting when you're trying to work.
But hey ... I can turn the TV down, or Off :)) haha


Ok ... where did all this money come from in DRW?
Are you guys liking this program or what???
Yes, I've earned a bit in the Profit Sharing portion alone, but much more from the Fast Cash Bonus. So as the Budweiser guy would say: "I love you, man!


Where is The Hermit?
Waiting for me to finish no doubt. He sees I'm on a roll. hahaha
I'll go make some fresh coffee. That'll get his attention.


I see 8 new emails that I need to check out.

OK back. That was fun :)
5 new folks added to my Alert List. 1 note from a friend.
1 apology from a reader. And of course, 1 Spam :(


Speaking of SPAM ... I know of someone out there who is promoting 10dw along with everything else under the sun!
WHY do I say that?
Well, because I received about 14 Ad's from him in a 48 hour period !!!

My goodness!!! That's too much!!!
If you keep bombarding folks like that, you're only going to p** everybody off and be left with NO list to mail to!

I never accepted or asked to be on that mailing list!
Just because I answer my emails doesn't mean it's OK to spam me to death. Kapish? (whisper: let's see if he reads this and removes me from the list. shhhh, don't spill the beans. let's have some fun. am feeling a little sassy today)


Ok, now that I got that out of my system ...

May is our wettest month here.
So I should have fun doing a little rain dance, or a little snow dance. Or maybe .. just maybe even a little Moon Dance? What do you guys think about that?
(oh and I couldn't find the Van Morrison version, which of course is my favorite. so we'll just have to settle for this guy, who thinks he's Tony Bennett or something. Sorry)


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...is that fresh coffee I smell?? Just in time! I love that pic of the kitty in the covers...sounds like the title of a children's book, huh?

You have a good day, ok? I justy did my morning exercise at TrafficEra so I'll be there this afternoon. See ya

blondie said...

Hey Jim,

I knew the fresh coffee would do it.

Enjoyed your post on common sense today. Made a lot of .. sense, lol

CYA over at TE later on.
Have a good day,

js said...

Sad to have missed you both in TE.

Am there right now.

Just updated my blog with some interesting info (at least to me).

Am feeling mellow.


David said...

Oh Judy,
You have drawn the battle lines now.
Michel Buble is Canadian. Fast becoming one of our premier performers. His style mirrors that of Frank Sinatra more than Tony B., but he has done duets with Tony. He is on his way to becoming a superstar internationally. Our local AM radio station has been promoting him for over 2 years now.
We've had a privileged preview of how big a star he will be.
He doesn't think he's Tony Bennet.
He is that.... and Sinatra, and Martin and more. Classic performer who surpasses International restrictions.

blondie said...

Hi David,
I'm so sorry. Certainly didn't mean to draw any battle lines.
Being in the US, I have never heard of this guy so was not aware of his upcoming fame. I was merely wanting to hear Van Morrison's voice when I found him instead.
And I did think of Frank Sinatra also when I heard him.
Again, my apologies.
I did enjoy hearing the song :))